Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I have been online and have had a computer for about 16 years, and just when I think I know how to operate it, I don't!  Also I have upgraded so much that I feel I have to learn all over again anyway.  This morning I found out how to put the 'tabs' back at the top of my blog.  That problem doesn't sound like much to some, but I used to have them up there under the picture, and when it (computer) crashed, they went away.

I am a sight learner and do better just trying to figure it out by doing, than reading the instructions. Does that make sense?  It has only taken me 2 hours and I got it!!!  So now I need to figure out what I want to put up there...lol

My old boss from Nationwide Insurance, came by for a visit.  He is moving his office and he told me all about that, plus we talked about old times.  He was really good to me as a boss, and we are forever friends.  He asked me why I didn't go to work again, and sad to say, I told him I had a full time job right here taking care of Jim.  

The sun is out and it is a beautiful day.  Hope where you are is nice as well, but whatever the weather, we can still thank God for life and live it!


  1. {{giggling}} at your blog header. Hey, you should of said something about your tabs..I would of gladly helped. I fully understand about staying home and taking care of your loved one. Raining here..no sun. lol Blessings

  2. Sun is shining here, so nice. Hope it stays out all day, just makes a person feel better by looking out the window.

    Perhaps you should ask your insurance friend if there's anything you could do from home on your computer. But I imagine with Jim, your hands are full. Take care and enjoy the day.

  3. My husband yesterday dismissed me from his care.LOL
    But calls me every few min to do something for him (men).
    He is feeling much better. It has been slow and going now for a month.

  4. I love the little bit of wisdom at the top of your page today about women with a little extra weight. That's cute.
    I know exactly what you mean about being a sight learner. I am too but I call it a "hands on" learner. I can't read an instruction manual and learn anything.
    We are having a beautiful day here in Ohio. The sun is shining and the temperature is around 60° .... just about perfect.
    You have a great evening.

  5. :) for the header!
    Hooray for you for restoring your tabs. I wouldn't know how to fix it!

    1. Mari, I am still working on it, and I printed out the directions from the net. I just typed in, how do I add tabs to my blog! The net is good for something at least! lol

  6. Linda, just go to your More Options button click on Layout, then look on the left hand side, click on PAGES. Walla. It will allow you to add tabs however you want too, top, bottom, side. Oh crud, there goes the meddling thing again..sorry...(slinking back into my corner ;) )

  7. I had to stop and read the blog header to hubby! We're still laughing.
    I didn't know you worked for an insurance company. My first well-paid, long lasting job was with Mutual Of New York (MONY) in Jacksonville, Florida. I used to tell people I work for MONY and get the funniest looks and comments. "Everyone works for money!" Then I would explain, "No, I mean M.O.N.Y." *giggle* ~:)

  8. I too am a visual learner. I also find if I don't do somethings on a regular basis I forget how and have to start all over again with the learning process - though it usually comes quicker.