Monday, April 7, 2014

BACK WHEN.............

Do you remember going to the drive in theater? Did you take snacks or buy them there?  When you were very young, did you take a pillow and blanket and fall asleep in the back seat while Mom and Dad continued watching the movie? Did you go with a sweetie in high school or after?  It brings happy memories to me and hope it does to you as well.  There aren't any left in my you still have one?  The 'good old days'!

Caroline and Elizabeth had an outing on Sunday, with parents of course, looking for a place to have their family spring pictures taken.  This was in the art district near the Hunter Museum.

Today it is gloomy, raining and just the right day to do some mending, hemming, and sorting.  I have pretty much finished taking out summer and putting in winter clothes in the closet.  I have lost a little weight, so I need to take up some side seems, etc.

The Latin word aperio, meaning "to open or bud," gives us the name April.

Spring festivals around the world abound, from Earth Day to Arbor Day. 

This year, Passover , a week long Jewish festival, begins at sundown on April 14.

Easter Sunday falls on April 20.  The dates of Easter are tied to the full Moon and the vernal equinox (not the civil calendar). 

Folklore for the Season:

April showers bring May flowers.

When April blows his horn, It's good for both the hay and corn.

If the first three days in April be foggy, rain in June will make the lanes boggy.

A cold April the barn will fill.


  1. Yes, I remember all the above (drive ins). {singsonging}--I know where the Hunter/Art District is. What a lovely photo. Raining here too, suppose to be 100% with over an inch of rain. At least it's not cold. Congrats on the weight hubby is mad..I have lost, he has gained, LOL. (sorry, had to laugh) Blessings

  2. I remember the drive-in very well... and lots of stories about the good times spent there. We still have one just outside of town that will be opening up next week for the season. When my girls were little, I always popped a grocery bag full of popcorn and took a thermos of Kool-Aid. Good memories.
    The girls' pictures are so cute. Hope you have a good day.

  3. Hey, you've lost weight! That's great! I wish I could. I need to lose about 50 lbs. Golly, I'd be thrilled to just lose 30. *ha ha* Hope your Hubby is much improved also.

    I remember a few trips to the Drive-In in Titusville. I think we bought snacks there wouldn't swear to it. Living in Central Florida there's way too many bugs for sitting around with windows open, even at night. We would have to use a Citronella stick to keep the 'skeeters at bay. It was not a pleasant experience. As soon as I learned about A/C I always made a bee line for that establishment.

    We have a big time wind/hail storm bearing down on us right now. It's times like this I'm really thankful for the all house generator "just in case" the power goes out.

    God bless! ~:)

  4. I've never been to a drive in movie. We didn't go to movies when I was younger, and by the time I was a teenager, there was no drive ins to go to!
    Hooray for you for losing weight. I need to get going on that.
    I like your folklore.

  5. I loved drive-ins! My mom used to make pop-corn and her famous fudge and I think we also took a thermos of Kool-aid. I remember playing on the playground equipment that was up close to the screen. I still have a scar on my elbow from the time I fell off the merry-go-round and skinned it. I still sat through Mary Poppins, but wow, was I ever in pain!

    Hubby and I used to go once in a while as well. We'd put our son to sleep in the bassinet and lay it on the back seat of the car. He would sleep through the entire movie and we'd carry him into the house still in the bassinet, and got to bed. Of course that was before the seat-belt laws are what they are now.