Sunday, March 23, 2014


Thank you Lord, for saving my soul,
Thank you Lord, for making me whole,
Thank you Lord, for giving to me,
Thy great salvation so rich and free.

As a human, I sometime have trouble giving 'it' over to the Lord.  I know in my head and heart that He can, and will do whatever I need (not what I want).   But, there is that old 'but', today it is raining, Jim can't do anything and he is pretty much  confined to wheelchair.  So, do I go to church or do I stay home?  I know he will tell me to go.  I am still praying and asking God.


  1. {{Linda}} Keeping you in prayer. I know how tiring it is to be a caretaker..he is your husband and you want the best etc..I know how hard it is to stay strong. Blessings, hugs and love..

  2. By the find the most unique blog headers/banners. I sure love them..especially this one. You brighten my day with the everyday changes you make on your blog..truly you do. Blessings

    1. Thanks Linda. I find most of my headers at either Pinterest or Tumblr. As I said once before, I cant buy anything new, so I re-arrange! lol Guess that means my blog too!

  3. It's rough being a caregiver. I've done it on a minor, temporary scale and, even though I was much younger then, it almost killed me. I know whatever decision is made, it will fit your situation. And still praying for you and Jim both to be strong and find joy in whatever life throws our way. God bless. ~:)
    PS: I enjoy your "new" blog every day too. I'm such a stick in the mud with never wanting to change. *lol*

  4. We are not doing to well this morning but God will see you and I through this.

  5. I agree with the others - I always enjoy your header pictures.
    Sorry Jim's having a tough time lately. Praying for both of you.
    PS - thanks for taking off the word verification!