Monday, March 24, 2014

That is easier said than done at times.  Do you agree?  We say we trust God with our whole life, and then when something negative comes along, we worry.  Hmmmm.....for me, I need to trust more. Jim was better yesterday evening and he is still asleep, so will have to wait and see about today.  

Aryn's 16th birthday party for the family was lots of fun and she seemed happy.  She is the oldest grandchild, and the little ones have always loved her and looked up to her.  

I asked her when did she start working with 'stuco'.  She laughed and said, 'Nana that stands for Signal Student Council'

She seemed to like the blown glass ornament and wants me to take her there one day.  Her Aunt Jennifer and family had a four leafed clover necklace made for her.  Her actual birthday is St. Patrick's Day so the clover was very appropriate.  Her uncle Murphy and family got her some funny items.  A pair of fuzzy dice to hang from the mirror, a compass to stick on the dash, and some stem covers for the tires. She died laughing and loved it!  Her aunt gave her a package with 16 items in it - chips, cookies, cupcakes, etc.  All in all, she had a wonderful 16th.


  1. Yes, my friend...I tend to worry as well. Working on that! ; )
    So glad your sweet sixteen had a fun party.
    Such a fun age!
    Have a good Monday...hope your hubby continues to feel well!

  2. The pastor of the church we used to go to always said "we lay our worries and fears on the alter then come and take them back because we don't think God is doing anything."
    I was confused with the shirt too. How did they get "stuco" out of Signal student council? lol
    It sounds like Aryn had a good time at her party. Look at that smile. She definitely liked the ornament, especially since she wants to go there with you. She's probably wondering how Grandma did that.

    1. Stu (student) co (council) lol

  3. I think "Worry" must be my middle name, lol. In all is very hard to just trust, period. I am glad your grandaughter had a lovely day, she sure is happy. Have a blessed day!!

  4. Aryn is so cute. She's a sweet girl I can tell. I'm so glad her birthday was a happy one. I pray she is careful on the road. She's still learning and driving can be a bit scary when a newbie.

    I think that Worry is a human condition. I'm certainly not immune. It's not that I don't worry (because I do) but ever since the event I had of meeting the angel the night before my last surgery, something's changed. I think ... I hope ... I'm seeing a bigger picture of what we're here for and worry isn't in the picture. It IS God's job to plan ahead for us. HE has given those of us who believe in Him a great power to do His will. It's not carte blanche, mind you, to go willy-nilly through life but we do need to stay focused on what our job is: tell the whole world about the love of Jesus Christ that they might be saved. If we do that, HE provides the way, the safety, the finances and all. Judging by the Scriptures, worry denies the finished work of Christ and our trust in His will. Hope that makes sense but that's what I take from our temporary life here on earth.

    God bless. ~:)

  5. I hope today's been a good day for Jim.
    It looks like a fun party I love the gifts Murphy and family got Aryn.