Sunday, September 20, 2015

Yesterday was a very long day.  It was nice outside, we just didn't go out there!  It was definitely football Saturday at our house, and all of the teams we cheer for, won (which is rare).

Grayce spent the day and night with us, and we love having her with us, if just for one day. Her parents and sister went to some kind of music concert in Atlanta, and she wasn't interested.  She and Aryn are as different as two people could ever be.  She is quiet, does her 'own thing', and never bothers anyone.  She is so pretty and so tall!  We stood side by side and I come to her shoulders.  She is in the 8th grade and by the time she stops growing, she will be the tallest of all of us. You can see the difference in their personalities even here.  She is on the left of 'Minnie'.

Today is church day and I can already feel an afternoon nap in order. Have a great day!

Hint for today:
I knew about some of these uses, but some I did not, and always have dryer sheets handy.

Cat picture for today:


  1. I love the blog look, Linda...then again, I always love it. Glad you got to spend time with Grayce. Have a lovely day, friend. Blessings

  2. Nice that you had some time with Grayce!

  3. Yeah for your football teams! I'm a Cowboys girl so I'm pretty happy lately. Beautiful girls! Hope your Sunday is wonderful!

  4. Cute cat picture! I don't use dryer sheets in the dryer, but keep a box around for other uses-- mainly getting bugs off the windshield. They do work great! Nice that you had some quality time with Grayce. She is a lovely young lady! Hope you get that nap this afternoon!

  5. I don't use dryer sheets because I can't stand anything scented. After all the tips, though, I might get some and keep in the cleaning closet. Those are all splendid ideas.
    Cute cat again. Oh, and I really like the cat avatar you're using on Twitter. It reminds me of our cat from years ago named Tasha. She was an Oriental Shorthair, deep black with golden eyes. Very pretty.
    Luv ~:)

  6. Glad you got to spend time with Grayce!
    Who knew dryer sheets could be so helpful? The cat photo is so funny!

  7. I know you enjoyed having Graycee with you. Cute girls. Enjoy your evening dear Linda. I am TIRED and can wait to go night night:)

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