Saturday, September 12, 2015


If you get tired of looking at fall backgrounds and pictures, you probably won't like seeing my daily blog entries.  Autumn/Fall is my favorite season of the year and the colors that go along, are also my favorites. People have asked, down through the years, what my favorite color is....brown.  When I say brown, they look puzzled or have a frown on their face.  It really is brown, along with the oranges, golds, greens. So, the backgrounds and the title pictures will be along those lines for a few days.

Good morning and happy Saturday to one and all.  We had a storm, and when I say storm, I mean heavy rain, winds, thunder, lightning and power outages. The big pine tree in the front yard lost a couple of limbs, so it was a little scary but only for a short period of time.  It quit almost as quickly as it started.

Jim was supposed to go to the Men's Prayer Breakfast at church, and I even baked his cupcakes yesterday for him to take.  I was supposed to wake him at 7:30 and totally forgot.  He came and asked why I didn't wake him up.  :(
He really likes going to that and I am to blame for not getting him up.  

Not sure the rest of the day will be a good one around here.

Hint for today:

Cat picture for today:
I need to hide today.


  1. I love Fall, it ties for my favorite season along with Spring. Glad you made it through the storm, those can be scary. Poor Jim, cupcakes made and everything. I hate it when I miss stuff like that. I'm sure sleeping in wasn't too bad.
    Have a great Lord's Day!!

  2. Linda, Linda, Linda---it is because of you and your daily blog changes that I just changed my blog yet again....giggling. I love coming here---sad to say, since school started back, my visits are rare now. Fall is my favorite too...

    Aww on Jim.....did you say cupcakes?????????? smiles. Thank you sweet friend for always putting a smile on my face.....Blessings

  3. Oh POOH, sorry Jim missed the breakfast:( Have a blessed and gorgeous FALL day!

  4. Ok, so Jim needs an alarm clock for Christmas? *grin* I hope he's chilled about that by now and takes solace in enjoying your delicious homemade cupcakes.
    I think that storm is about to us this afternoon. It's raining quite a bit, which I really enjoy, and seems to be getting darker. Tomorrow is suppose to be COOL!
    I am so ready for Fall. We enjoy the same colors. I think they're called "warm colors", I don't know why.
    Cute kitty. I have days when I 'hide' too.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

  5. Uh oh.... Hopefully Jim will forgive you, and you have all those cupcakes to enjoy now! :)

    I like the fall colors too. We don't see too many of them in nature down here, where it is nearly always green. I love the backgrounds you pick.