Saturday, August 22, 2015


First of all, I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for praying yesterday, and some even this morning.  It truly made a burden lighter.  The unspoken problem is not solved as yet, but we are closer than before.  I believe in the power of prayer and if you have known me for long at all, you know I do. Thank you.

Moving on.....Jim just left and said he was going to the barber shop!  Praise the Lord!!!  He has let his hair and beard grow out and he looks like he is 100 years old.
He is 83.  I do not question nor suggest that he get the beard and hair cut, because #1, it is his. #2, at our age, we should be able to do what we want, right?  To a degree!  But............when the kids say something, he perks up, and they did, and he is......hopefully getting hair cut and beard trimmed.  I have always like him with a beard. Back when fall came and he was getting ready to go out west to hunt, he always grew a beard, but not the long hair.

Two of our precious little granddaughters are Girl Scouts.  They have a meeting today and were supposed to bake a cake, and have a contest.  These little ones baked an unusual cake and are hoping they come out winners.
They said they couldn't wait to cut it, to show me all the different colors! Elizabeth is the one that acted like a mummy when she was making her bed last week.  Caroline is the dark haired one and 9 years old.  E. is 7, in pink.  Good job girls.

Aryn's volleyball team is in Knoxville, TN this weekend.  They won the 3 games they played yesterday.  They are already playing this morning, so we will know that outcome soon.  This is what my daughter posted last night:
     "The Lady Eagles start Friday night's volleyball action off with three straight victories, including a flashback to state match, with Knox Catholic. The ladies fought hard and are coming out of pool games undefeated! 5-1 on the season. Go Eagles, let's keep it up Saturday!!"

Hint for today:

For Tension Headaches--Bite down on a pencil.
I have certainly chewed a few lately!

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  1. I believe in the power of prayer also:) I can't imagine going thru life with praying! Can't wait to see your Hubby all trimmed up! It reminds me of when my Husband and I were dating, he had a really skinny beard around the bottom of his chin. I loved him but didn't like it, I said... "let's see what you look like without it"! He shaved and I went on and on about how I loved it!

    Cute little ones with their cake design! GO Aryn! Have a blessed day dear Linda, HUGS and continued prayers!

  2. You know that I believe in the power of prayer, Linda, and you and your intentions have been in mine. Hope things smooth out for the best. Congrats to Aryn's team! That cake should definitely win a prize! The girls worked hard on all those layers and colors! What fun. Let us know how Jim's haircut and beard trim turn out! Love & hugs!

  3. I prayed too. Happy you felt those prayers, my friend!
    What a cake! So very creative. You certainly have talented grands!!

  4. God answers prayer, for sure. I said another one just now. May everything go smoothly.
    My husband sports a lovely white beard that he keeps trimmed. I'm partial to hair faces too.
    The kids are adorable. And good luck to Aryn. Hope they win and have a good time.
    I never was a pencil chewer because of dental braces but thankfully, I'm not prone to headaches. I do, however, give them to others. *lol* Free of charge, of course.
    Luv ~:)

  5. When Jim comes home, you will think you have a new man in the house. LOL You should have done a before and after shot. But if he's like me, I don't like my photo taken. Abe is kind of like Jim, he doesn't take my suggestions too well, but he seems to think the kids are brilliant and listens to them. I did suggest the other day he might think about cutting his fingernails. When he taught commercial art he would let them grow a little longer, since trying to pick up pieces of paper (small) with some glue all ready added to it, was hard with short fingernails. I reminded him he no longer teaches and also no longer does any kind of paste up work. LOL Have a great day. I want to clean some green beans for supper with some little red potatoes and ham. One daughter might be stopping over for a short visit.