Monday, July 13, 2015


I think the government is too late in saying they will take pictures.  As the cartoon shows, we are way ahead.  Not only do we see everyone texting, but 90% are taking pictures with their phones-what else are those selfie sticks for? (some even while driving...yikes!)

Good Monday morning, and is it good? Here it is still quiet, 73 degrees and storms on the way.
Jim was not well enough to go to church yesterday, so our sound man gave me 2 CD's of both morning and evening services for him to listen to, and that seemed to please Jim.

We kept Jesse until Murphy got off work. We thought things had calmed down, but there is a new situation that has arrived, and rather going into detail, just suffice it to say, Murphy couldn't have gotten out of this marriage quick enough. Jesse clings to his Dad, and says he likes staying with us because we hug him and have good snacks! 

Rayven, Jesse's step sister called out of the blue, last night.  We talked and talked, and then Jim talked to her and told her we were here for her and we loved her. Then Jesse wanted to talk to his 'sissy'.  (She is living with her half sister)  There are so many people involved in this situation, it is hard sometimes to keep up.  
Murphy had taken Jesse swimming at a friend's house, and said this picture was typical of his silly little boy!

There are no appointments or plans for this week, so should get caught up on house work, laundry, etc.  I pray your week is a good one too!

My hint for today:

My cat picture for today:


  1. Ugh, Linda, I was so hoping/praying for a solution for Murphy and Jesse. Whatever is going on, keeping them in prayer.

    How right your title header is. Way to much of that going on. Love the minion(s), always make me smile. Have you seen the new TV commercial--a minion is wearing a thong? Talk about fits of giggles, LOL.

    Looks to be another hot one here today, I do believe summer has hit us here in western NY. Keeping you and Jim and family in prayer. Have a Blessed Monday, my friend.

    1. I have seen the minion commercial and it is a riot! lol

  2. Right on about the camera phones! I am so sick of seeing people with their faces buried in some device or chatting away about nothing. Sometimes I pray for a sunburst that will fry every satellite around the world ... We could go back to analog. It would be such heaven. :)
    I'm so happy that Jesse has a good father and he has y'all. He'll remember this all his life.
    *LOL* at the cat photo.
    Luv ~:)

  3. I hope that Jesse will be spending more time with his dad and you where he is happy. Prayers for your family.

  4. The selfies are out of control!

    Always nice to have time to catch up on the chores.

  5. Sorry Jim is not feeling well. Jesse sounds like a sweet little boy, my daughter is dealing with two step boys for the summer and she
    is living on the edge. She only had one girl ,and she is grown.

  6. Sorry about all that is going on with Murphy and Jesse. Prayers that things settle down soon.

    Chewing gum? Really?

  7. I'll be keeping Murphy and Jesse in prayer. Would you believe, I didn't know anything about selfie sticks until I read that Disney had banned them from the parks.

  8. Sorry to hear that Jim was not able to attend church but what a blessing to receive the cd's. Sorry too about the situation with Jesse's mom. So sad for so many people. May God bless.
    Love that pool photo - it was very hot today - if I could swim, I would have jumped in a pool!

  9. I'm so sorry to hear things are worse for Murphy and Jesse (and Rayven). With a little luck, Murphy will get full custody. It is very sad. I hope Jim is feeling better. Nice that the services are taped for those who can't make it to church. Love the cat photo, and the tip about chewing gum! Who knew?!

  10. Sorry to hear about more issues. So glad Jesse has all of you!
    The gum tip is very interesting. I'll have to try it.

  11. How lovely that you are known for your hugs and good snacks. That is so sweet.

  12. Grandparents are the best huggers and snack givers:) Hope and pray that ALL hearts will heal! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!