Saturday, July 25, 2015


This has been a very humbling week.  Chattanooga is not only on the local news, but around the entire country. We have come together as a small city like never before. While watching the funeral procession for one of the Marines that was killed in the rampage last week, I couldn't stop crying.  I just sat there and prayed and cried. There were so many people, and not just from Chattanooga, but surrounding area, other states, motorcycles, flags, flowers, etc.  The picture above of a group of boy scouts caught my eye.....
Leigh came out of the hospital, walking to the car.  We took her home, got her settled and came home.  She called 2-3 times throughout the day, and said her pain was minimal and she was glad she went through with the surgery.  She will be off from work for 2 weeks, or more if needed.  Since she works at home (for Blue Cross/Blue Shield), she may be able to work sooner than most.

Murphy and Rayven (step daughter) had a good day together....shopped and had lunch and he said, laughed a lot.  Murphy isn't perfect for sure, but he is really trying to step up and do the things that should be done. Jesse will be spending the weekend with his Mother.

Our Pastor and family are on vacation so we will have a surprise speaker in church tomorrow.  After the service, I will be attending a baby shower for the daughter of one of our faithful members.  She has a precious little girl, so the gift will definitely be pink!

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  1. Hi Linda, One Marine killed in Chattanooga was from Marietta GA and attended Sprayberry High. Earlier this week, we watched on TV as his procession moved along the expressway with a huge show of support. As you say, it was overwhelming. He was only 21 and the week before he was murdered, he and his Mom had visited Disney World together. Hi Mom said he told her it was the best trip ever. so sad
    I am thankful Leigh is doing ok.
    I know you will enjoy the baby shower tomorrow.

  2. So sad. Bless their families and communities. I'm glad Leigh is doing well and that Murphy and Rayven are continuing their bond.

  3. Such a sad time for our country. Glad to hear Leigh is doing well.

  4. Glad to hear about Leigh.

    This world is going crazy. So sad about all the shootings, stabbings, etc. going on. Can't wait for Jesus to come back and put an end to all of it.

  5. Glad to hear about Leigh, keeping her in prayer. Also, keeping Murphy in prayer.

    We were just discussing this about Chattanooga and the state of affairs here in America. Not one gvt. official greeted those bodies in Dover (they were shipped their first). Just saddens us to know the state we are in.

    Have a Blessed Saturday....

  6. So happy Leigh got through the surgery okay! I went back to work in two weeks after my hysterectomy - as soon as I could drive. It really isn't as bad as it used to be (and I was cut for mine). I will continue healing prayers for her. Glad Murphy and Rayven had a good time together. So sad about all the recent deaths, in your cherished Chattanooga and elsewhere. Not the way you want your city to be highlighted in the national news. Hugs!.

  7. The events in Chatanooga are so sad. It's nice to see so much support from the country.
    Glad Leigh is doing well and good for Murphy for stepping up!

  8. Like Mildred, I watched on our local news as this Hero was returned home! SO much respect was given and rightfully so! I continue to pray for ALL! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way this morning dear friend!