Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Still nothing earth shattering to write about, so am taking the easy way out!  Was surfing last night, as I usually do, and found some fun, easy things to enjoy this summer.  Glow sticks and glow in the dark paint can make a dull item or a bright one.

Open a glow stick and place 
in bottle of bubbles and
watch the kids have gun.

I thought these were so much fun, and would love to do them all.  We are all outside more in the summer so it would be worth the time.

Church tonight and Jesse will go with us and then stay at our house afterward, as his Dad is picking up an extra work shift.

My other hint for the day!

My cat picture:
Mr. Nosey again!


  1. Good Morning, I love these fun "glow" ideas! My sister is babysitting her 5 yr old niece this summer and I'll share these with her. Thanks. I love the tip of using the muffin tin, also. That cat video is hilarious. Have a nice day and I'm happy Jesse can attend church with you tonight.

  2. The cat picture is very cute. The muffin tin idea is great, but I would but a cupcake paper in the ones (doubled, perhaps) for the mustard, ketchup and mayo - then clean-up would be even easier! I know you will enjoy your worship service tonight, and so glad Jesse will go with you! It is a blessing for all of you that he and Murphy are so close! Hugs.

    1. PUT a cupcake paper.... sure wish we could edit our comments!!

  3. Those are fun glow stick ideas. We have some glow sticks waiting to be used.

  4. Glow sticks: now that's a cool idea! Wish I'd thought of it.
    That is one bad cat. *lol*
    Luv ~:)

  5. I like the idea of painting the path with glow paint - what fun! I also think using a muffin tin for condiments is a great idea!

  6. I love the great glow stick ideas. We usually get glow sticks for the 4th so I'll keep those ideas in mind. I really loved that cat video at the end, too. I laughed out loud and my hubby is looking at me kind of strange.

    I played the video again to show him and he loved it. Thanks for sharing it and have a wonderful 4th of July... :)

  7. These are such fun ideas! Thanks for sharing. I hope you're having a lovely day.

  8. I love those glow in the dark ideas. I've got to look for some paint so I can do something out in my yard. The muffin pan is a great idea too. I like Terri's idea of using cupcake papers.

    Have a great day, Linda!

  9. Great ideas! I'll have too look for that paint. Love your daily cat pictures by the way!