Friday, July 10, 2015


Jim is watching TV, where they are taking the Confederate Flag down from the Capitol Building and he said, 'it is going down if you want to watch.'  I said, 'no thanks, I think it is ridiculous.'  And I do.  It is just one more thing to keep this country torn up and keep the people fighting against one another.  I know the history of the flag and it is NOT what is being told.  Nuf said!

Jim's visit to the pain clinic was about as always.  They did, however, add a muscle relaxant to his regimen as they thought it might help with his pain.  He took it yesterday and all he did from the time we got home until this morning, was sleep.  He doesn't want to take them any longer, and will just exist with the pain medicine.

Our middle daughter, Jennifer, and her family are leaving in the morning for their annual vacation to Anna Maria, Florida.  She came by to pick some produce from the garden to take with them.  They stay in the same house as always and they cook....they don't eat out.  It isn't my thing, but definitely theirs.

She got corn, tomatoes, peppers of all kinds, and one that is new to us, is called a chocolate bell pepper.  It doesn't look as dark in the picture, as it really is....
but definitely different.....

My hint for today is:

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  1. We give up, so easy now our past- our future next.

    I take muscle relaxant for pain but only at night maybe
    Jim could try that

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  2. Thank you for saying that about the Confederate Flag. Actually, this is yet another attack from The Left headed by Obama on the South. He hates America, and our culture, and will do everything possible to divide us. There's very few of us sane folks left. This train wreck administration just goes on and on and on and on ... doesn't it!!??

    Ugh, all the years of being on pain medication, taking pain shots, surgery, etc. I sure understand. I wish I could take all that away from everyone. Isn't it wonderful to know that Christ will take all this from us when we're with Him forever. HE is so kind and loving.

    I didn't know that about the salt, so, shared it with the cook (Hubby). He said he'll give it a try next time he fries.

    Beautiful cat eyes.

    Luv ~:)

  3. The train wreck continues, doesn't it? I was just reading about Nathan Bedford Forrest and what Memphis is doing!!! And as History major, it is sad what is going on in with this country....well....never mind....

    Keeping you and Jim in prayer....keeping your daughter and her family in prayer/traveling mercy as well. The vegies look good, we did not put up the greenhouse this year.


  4. I was at work today and the tv in the lounge area was showing the flag coming down. I didn't want to watch it either. I agree with your thoughts.
    Some of my residents are on muscle relaxants and we find they do better if they take them at night. Maybe that would be helpful to Jim.

  5. I did see the news story about the flag on the BBC news. I wasn't sure what that was all about.

  6. I didn't watch the flag coming down. But, I just read a very good article last evening that expressed some of my thoughts about it. Could be that we differ on of the reasons I Iove the USA and love Jesus......we can differ and still love :) I also listened to a wonderful sermon by Andy Stanley which he gave on Sunday. It put into perspective how we as Christians can effectively respond to all that's going on in this country that's troubling to us.
    Controlling pain is always a puzzle....I hope this new piece can be figured out to his benefit!
    God bless your weekend!

  7. I didn't watch the flag coming down either! Everybody needs to try to find a way to get along instead of fight! Veggies look delicious:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. I agree that the flag being taken down is just stupidity and one more thing to keep the country divided.