Wednesday, July 22, 2015


How long has it been since you bought a pair of shoes for $3.98?  Are you old enough to remember round toed Baby Doll shoes?  I hate to admit it, but I remember them well.  The $3.98 is unreal, even to me. Oh, how I long for the old days.
Good Wednesday morning to all.  We have hot, hot and hot days ahead. I will be thankful when I can go outside and not feel smothered and the mosquitoes and flies have gone further south.  If there is one in the state of Tennessee, it will find me and bite.

Church tonight and Jesse will go with us.  Murphy works on Wednesday nights, so we have Jesse and he loves to go to 'Kids For Christ' with us.

Tomorrow morning is when Leigh will have her hysterectomy and I will take her and stay until she is back in her room and awake, then her husband will come and stay.  It is more simple than back in the old days, when I had mine.  It is done by laparoscope,  and only 3 tiny incisions.  I was cut wide open!

Aryn got her braces put on yesterday and she says it doesn't hurt, just a little uncomfortable and she has to get used to them.

Grayce is away at camp and having a grand old time. She has gone to Camp Vesper Point for 5 years. Camp Vesper Point has been used by God to share the gospel to young people and families in a fun, safe, Christian environment. 

Because of the things happening around Chattanooga this past week, a new sign was posted and I think very appropriate.  Honoring the 5 that lost that lives.
Last but not least, the sign in front of my church was changed this week too.  God bless America!

My hint for today:

My cat picture for today:
Very unusual markings!


  1. Good Morning, I will be praying for Leigh's surgery.
    The camp looks like a wonderful place and I know Grayce will enjoy her time there. All the best to Aryn with her braces.
    Glad that Jesse enjoys his time at church with you.
    We are sure struggling with this heat, too.
    I hope your youngest kitty did not keep you awake last night!!! This cat's photo is so unusual. Love the coloring around the eyes. We are taking our youngest cat, Blue, to the vet for her routine checkup today. You may be able to hear her in the car!!! lol

  2. I hope all goes well with Leigh's surgery tomorrow. I'm glad you will be there with her.
    No baby news yet.... I'm now 4 days overdue and very anxious to meet our baby!

  3. Prayers for Leigh. I had the "new" surgery 5 years ago. Not too bad! Enjoy church!

  4. My hysterectomy in 1992 was a laparoscope also. It was nearly outpatient, it went so quickly. Only had to spend one night. Just don't let her lift anything for awhile, but they'll tell y'all that. I pray that all will go well. I had so many female problems the hysterectomy saved my life.
    I remember shoes like that too. I miss pretty fashions. Today's fashions are so trashy. So many of these young people look like street walkers.
    Glad to hear "the kids" are all OK. Hope they enjoy their summer endeavors.
    Stay cool! Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

  5. Saying a prayer for your daughter. How good that she can count on you!

    Two of those camp photos are scary to me! Yikes!

    I rather like the style of those shoes.

    Wow. That cat does indeed have strange markings.

  6. Keeping Leigh in prayer. She is so lucky to have a mom like you, smiles.

    I like those shoes...who can afford anything at this point and time? (smiles)

    Thanks for the smiles, and I agree, love the sign(s). Blessings sweet friend.

  7. I am a CAT. I am NOT a racoon. LOL

  8. I LOVE those rounded toes on those shoes. So many styles today hurt my toes because they are too pointed! I love catching up with the grands! They are all having a good summer, it seems. Leigh is in my prayers. I was cut open too, Linda, and that was just 16 years ago. Things have changed, indeed.

  9. Sounds like you have a busy time at the moment. You shouldn't get bored. Hope the surgery goes great for Leigh. Three of our daughters had their gall bladder's removed that way. Like you, back when I had surgeries, they had to open you wider and do it. Good luck with all you have to do and have coming up.