Monday, June 29, 2015


Hope you are rested from the weekend, and ready to begin a new week.  Time and the month of June, is flying by.  It seems unreal that the first of July is this week. Don't blink.

My best friend quilts.  She has made all of her grandchildren one, and is working on making others for her son and daughter. The quilting group she belongs to, makes baby quilts and they are taken to an orphanage almost weekly.  I admire her so much, as she is making a difference in the world.  This is her latest and it is called 'America, the Great'!
This is for one of her grandsons I believe, and of course the backing and edge will be next to finish it.

All my children are back home safe and sound, and from their talks, it was a good time for everyone.  Aryn did well at the basketball camp, so I have been told, but was not impressed with the coach.  She said it was a very good school, but not much of a basketball one, and that is what she is looking for and deciding on.

Jenn's family had fun at Dollywood and I am waiting for pictures to be posted.

Jesse is with Murphy.  We will keep him tonight while Murphy works and Jesse will spend the week with him.  All is calm at the moment concerning the divorce.

The garden is thriving and I am waiting on one of these to get ripe, so I can eat my first cantaloupe from the garden.
In addition, the watermelons are not long from being picked and enjoyed as well.
This one is called a "sugar baby" and won't get much larger....easy to cut in half and eat!

Hint for the day:
I am currently taking one a day!

My cat picture for today:
The old saying, 'curosity killed the cat' is so true!!!
They are the most nosey animal I know.

And speaking of a cat being nosey, my youngest started getting on the kitchen counter and eating the leaves from my african violets that I had in the window above the sink. I moved them to a place she cannot reach, but that didn't stop her. Yesterday she climbed back up, and was trying to eat the leaves of the aloe plant that I left there, and in so doing, she knocked one of the glass vases, my red one, off and it crashed into pieces all over the counter and the floor.  It sounded like a bomb went off.  I heard little paws running for their life, and after I cleaned up, I couldn't find Spoty anywhere.  Now there are no plants in the window nor anywhere in the house that a nosey cat can get to!


  1. I'm glad your world is "back in place". I can't have indoor plants because of my likes to eat the plants and the other likes to push them to the floor. A small price to pay for wonderful company!

  2. What a beautiful quilt, Linda, that your friend made. Aww on the cat, they sure are curious. Glad to hear all is well with the family...I love your new background. Have a beautiful Monday. Blessings

  3. Love your header! Glad all had fun and back home.
    Got to love a cat are we couldn't put up with them. LOL
    We sure miss our Blackie but just could not replace him.

  4. I like this background. It reminds me of my step-mom. She enjoyed wearing paisley's on her homemade clothes (hey, it was the 70s ... ha ha).
    I didn't know there were still orphanages. That's sweet of your friend to think of them. Glad the family is safe and the melons do look delectable. I should have planted watermelons. Maybe next year.
    I remember our cats getting into mischief like that. Fortunately, they eventually grow out of it.
    Hope y'all are having a happy, carefree day!
    Luv ~:)

  5. That quilt looks amazing! I hope you have a lovely week.

  6. I love your header picture and quote today! I gave up on plants, flowers and even artificial ones years ago. Too much temptation for the cats! Your friend's quilt is lovely!!

  7. Naughty kitty! I could never had fresh flowers in the house when Oliver lived here. He always chewed on them and often tipped them over.
    I love your header shot today and that quilt is just gorgeous!
    I'll have to try some Vitamin B. Mosquitos love me.

  8. That is an amazing quilt. Glad everyone is safely home. I imagine that noise from the glass breaking scared the cat! I can't have plants either...for that matter, I can't have much of anything even sitting on a table. The youngest pushes everything to the floor with her nose. That is interesting about the Vit. B. Will have to share with John.
    I hope you both will rest well tonight.