Tuesday, June 9, 2015


     I seem to stay in a state of confusion these days, so my title picture seemed normal to me.

     Are you as tired of hearing about Bruce Jenner or whoever he says he is? I don't believe God creates people to be one thing on the outside and another inside.  When I see these ridiculous things in the news, I just think they want publicity, which in turn gets them more jobs, and the bottom line - $$$$. But to go on and on and on about it, gets terribly boring to me. How about you?

     A severe storm woke me this morning....the thunder so loud it shook the house. When I got up and turned on the local news, I saw that an area south of town was really hit bad. Big trees down on houses, power lines down, etc.  My heart and prayers go out to those hit.

     Jim seems some better, but is still very, very sore.  He says the only way he can get comfortable is to lay down. He got up yesterday, stayed up about 2 hours and then back to bed.  He did that again in the afternoon.  He isn't awake yet this morning, so am hoping he is a little better today.

     Murphy and crew will head home from the beach today.  From the pictures to the phone calls, I can tell the trip was just what they needed.

     We have no dr. appointments this week, and it seems strange.  I should be doing house work, catching up on laundry, etc., but my heart just isn't into it.  I am a 'slug'!

My cat picture for today:


  1. Hmm...on Bruce Jenner--totally agree. Btw, he still has the male organ...so he is not a she. Strip his medals, just saying...sigh

    I am so happy to see the photos from the beach. Praying for safe travels. Keeping you in and Jim in prayer. I know what your saying about the "slug" which your not...but I do know what your saying...bad storms here too...been rocking and rolling since yesterday. Blessings

  2. Love the Purrito photo! Glad Jim is healing and hoping today is a better day for him (and you!). The beach photos are great! I'm so glad they could get away and get some quality fun time in. Yes, I'm tired of hearing about Bruce Jenner. The media needs to find something more newsworthy than that mess!

  3. Yep, I am tired of Bruce Jenner too! I turn the TV off now when they start talking about it! I pray that Jim will get better each day and safe travels for the family from the beach! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. No you are just in a slump, when the kids get back they will cheer you up. TV is the pits and I just try not to watch it ,the news will make you think the world must come to a end soon.
    Hugs to you both

  5. I hope Jim feels better soon. I know first hand what it is to have your husband fall and be so banged up. What are we going to do with our husbands? I tell Joe I am going to wrap him in bubble wrap. Ha, ha!

    Everyone gets in a slump. I'm certainly in one because I am so tired. Maybe we both need some rest.

  6. Hi Linda, I do hope Jim had a better day and I wish you both a good evening. So happy that your son/grandson enjoyed their vacation. That ice cream on the beach looks so good!
    I'm taking a little time off but I'll be back soon. xo

  7. I am very tired of hearing about Bruce. Hope Jim is feeling better.

  8. I'm tired of Bruce Jenner and also the whole push for gay marriage...
    Glad Murphy and crew had fun and I'm praying Jim is feeling better.
    Love the Purrito!

  9. I'm really happy that the crew had such a great time at the beach. I'm sure it was just what they needed. I hope Jim continues to feel better.