Saturday, June 6, 2015


RIVERBEND 2015 is underway!  This is the 34th year and it grows bigger and bigger every year.  Instead of one act on the Coca Cola (biggest) Stage per night, there are two different acts.  In my younger days, we went every night and have seen some of the big stars sing and play.  Now, I just live it 'through my kids' and pictures that are posted online.

It is the 'event' of summer around here. There are 8 different stages and lasts 8 days and nights; food; drinks; kids area; and on and on.  It is held downtown on the river front, and boats arrive nightly to enjoy the music.

My precious granddaughter, Aryn, and her best friend, Olivia, with their dates, were there to open it up last night.

Murphy and crew are having a wonderful time at the beach.  He called and said, 'Mom, I can't remember a time we have had more fun'.

  Jesse actually caught the fish by hand!

That is what happened in my world as of yesterday evening.  I am sure I will get more pictures today.

Until then, my cat picture ---


  1. Oh, sweet memories of times like these when we were younger, too. Loved the bands, the food, and excitement. Aryn and Olivia look so pretty - I can remember choosing what I would wear too! Love the cat with the rainbow tongue! So thankful that Murphy and Jesse are having a wonderful time - answered prayers for sure. God bless your afternoon.

  2. What good times and wonderful memories being made!

  3. Everyone is having fun and is happy. That means Grandma is happy too!

  4. Having the connection thru the Internet is almost as good as being there:). Getting those pictures of everyone having fun sure makes a Grandma smile:). Hugs

  5. Sigh....Chattanooga....(wink)---I am so glad to see the boys happy!!! Aryn is lovely and pretty. Thanks for sharing your photos. Loved them. Blessings

  6. That cat picture is just too funny! It sounds like your family is all doing well and enjoying the summertime.

  7. That music festival sounds amazing, but I'm like you now. No crowds for me, thank you very much! Aryn is so pretty, and the kids look like they are having a blast at the beach! I'm so happy for Murphy and Jesse that they are having such a great time together! Awesome. Love the cat photo!