Friday, June 26, 2015


Jim is up and says he feels some better.  It is a day to day thing and I try not to get too uptight, but when he varies any day, I get concerned.  Thank you for your prayers for him and me.

No plans today, other than having the car filled with gas, and buying some cat food. These fur babies are big eaters.  Like me, they may need to go on a diet!

There was a horrible wreck on the interstate near where our middle daughter Jennifer lives, and in fact her husband actually saw it happen.  He said it would stay in his mind for a long time.  There was an explosion of some kind and 9 people were killed. and the interstate was shut down until this morning, and there is still only one lane open.

Update on Murphy's situation.  Stacy is moving into an apartment today and we are all hoping she settles down, gets the help she needs, if not for herself, for her children. My sweet son has even offered to help her move.  He wants her to 'light' somewhere so that he will know where Jesse and Rayven are, and especially when it is his time to pick them up or take them home.  So far, he hasn't had a clue where she or the children are at night.

Hint for the day:

I wish you a happy Friday and weekend ahead.  Hope you get to do the things you want to do, or just have a good R & R.

Cat picture of the day:


  1. Oh my, I am so happy to hear Jim is doing better! I also hope Stacy settles down and gets some help, for her sake and the children's. That cat probably let out a scream when the horse bit down! LOL Cute picture!

  2. We both prayed last night. I'm so thankful Jim is improving. Never worry about asking. Always anxious to help in any way.
    Poor little Jesse stuck in the middle of that. Your son is a gem. I pray that "she" does settle down soon and start acting like an adult. Really, so many people shouldn't have kids.
    That cat is gonna holler in a moment. Hope the horse didn't bite his tail off. Ouch.
    Luv ~:)

  3. Very thankful that Jim is some better this a.m. I continue to remember you and your family in my prayers. Glad that Stacy is moving to an apt. where each of you can at least know where the kids are. I have a stack of books to browse thru on this hot Friday. Wishing you a good day. Sending a gentle hug.

  4. Praying for you and JIM right this very minute! I also pray that your Son will get some peace and know where the children are! God hears our prayers, that I know for sure! Have a blessed day and hopefully each day will get a little better! HUGS!

  5. Oh I am so glad to read that about Jim--you are always in our prayers, Linda. I saw that on the news about the sad. I feel so bad for Jesse (and Murphy)...Blessings

  6. Prayers for your son and his situation. I can only imagine it is difficult.

  7. Prayers for your son and his situation. I can only imagine it is difficult.

  8. I missed the post on Jim, but am thankful he is doing better. I'll be praying for him, and will also pray for Murphy's situation. He's a good guy to offer to help her.
    PS - I love your header pic today.

  9. I'm so glad that Jim is feeling better. It's very sad to hear about the explosion, it must have been a terrible thing to see.