Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I learned a lesson last night.  I learned that we take so many of our daily things for granted.  We assume that if we have an air conditioning unit, it will work in the summer time.  Friends, ours died yesterday and we didn't even realize it until around 7:00. I told Jim I was going to turn the unit temp down because it was so hot....high of 96 yesterday.  I went to the thermostat and found out it was blank...dead...nothing showing.  I flipped all of the buttons, to no avail. When Jim said he was even hot, I KNEW something was wrong.  He is NEVER hot...blood thinner.

He called the repair man and he said he would get here when he could because he had so many others in front of us.  I was getting sick...literally sick and told Jim I was going to ride around in the car to get cool until dark, and hopefully it would be some cooler.

We cannot open windows.  This is an old house, and when new windows were put in, they did not remove the old ones, but put the new over the old.  The old were the type you roll out with a handle.  The new you push up, so we could not get any air.  

I did leave, but he didn't want to go.  I picked up a prescription, filled the car with gas, then stopped at the Dollar General and bought two fans.  The kids said we could come to their house, and I told them, we would get through last night and if still not repaired, we would visit.  Got to show you one of the fans I handy to be able to compute even in the dreaded heat.  It turns on by plugging into a port on the computer!
Just about the time I got the fans set up, the repair guy pulled in the driveway. It was already dark, and no cooler.

He did repair the problem and we were cool again.  Thank you God for allowing people to learn how to help others with their abilities.  Don't take things around you for granted.

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  1. Yes, air is a must in this heat:) Happy to hear that you got it repaired! Enjoy your COOL day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Yikes, Linda!!! As you know, we don't have central ac up here, just window units. Believe me, we have been using them this past week-last week. I learned an important lesson last summer, don't open the windows, close the drapes. Keep the house dark and then open at night. ANYWAYS--glad you got it fixed, good grief...that was prob. miserable...I can only imagine. Blessings

  3. It's even hot here in the mountains...Glad you got it repaired quickly!
    Never heard of installing new windows over old....hummmmmm....

  4. Ours died before we sold the house and we had to replace. It could have died after we left. I guess that wouldn't have been fair to new homeowners. Stay cool!

  5. It's tough to not have air conditioning. We have the kind you put in windows. One for the bedroom and one for the living room. But our car's a/c is broken and it is HOT riding around. Just saving up for the repair. It's always something.

  6. We would be in so much trouble without AC here in Florida! I well remember when the three hurricanes came through and we were without power for 3-4 days. It was miserable! We didn't even have fans! I don't know how people managed 100 years ago, though I guess they were just used to it. So glad your AC guy could get there for you. Sounds like your thermostat went out. I hope that's all it was! Take care!

  7. So glad it got fixed! This house is the first one in my life to have central air. We always had window units. I love central far we haven't had issues.
    Stay in and enjoy the cool today!

  8. My goodness, how awful! But Thank you merciful Lord for those who know how and will fix these things. I'm so glad y'all are OK. If we lived closer you could definitely come over to our place. I'm even hot in the winter and keep the house icy. (It's because of my under active thyroid - thermometer is broken -- ha ha.) I would perish without A/C.
    I like the fan. I might look for one of those.
    Cute cat picture.
    Luv ~:)

  9. Oh dear. It sounds so hot where you live! I'm so thankful the repair man did make it to your home last night. It's been in the 60s here, which is typical warm weather this time of year for us.

  10. It is 100 here this aft. and I am so thankful for a/c. I'm happy the repairman showed up when he did. I do like the fan you purchased. This is the sweetest cat picture!
    We were without power/heat/etc. in March this year for 50 hours. We do not have a fireplace and it was so miserable. We lost all the food in our frig/freezer too. Like you say, it makes you think how blessed we are. Have a good night. xo

  11. I'm so glad it got fixed! You need the ac where you live!