Wednesday, May 6, 2015


First of all, thank you for all your care and concern and prayers.

God is good.  I was a little nervous about going to the doc, for fear there might be something serious.  Don't get me wrong, it is serious, but not life threatening.

They did 7 x-rays, and lots of twists and turns, and the final verdict was severe, severe osteoarthritis.  I have bone spurs, and and more than he would like, discs that are already fused together.  That is where the pain is coming from.....pressure on nerves.  We looked at the x-rays together and he pinpointed exactly what he was talking about.  We had to laugh when he said, you sure have been a hard worker all your life to have done this much damage to your spinal column!

He gave me a prescription to take for 30 days and ordered physical therapy.  Not sure the PT is going to do much except maybe make me not stiff and sore all the time. However, when you do something like that for a short period and stop, it all goes back to the way it was before.  I am willing, however, to give it a try.  I go back to him in 4 weeks to see if we are getting anywhere, getting pain relief, etc.  The next step would be steroids and I would like to prevent that as long as I can move. The epidural for the sciatic nerve has steroids in it, so that would be more than I need.

My daughter teased me and said, 'ok mom, you will have to stop moving the piano and other heavy objects around.  Leave them alone and vacuum around them.'

I am happy I didn't have a tumor or anything like that, and at least I know it wasn't a heart attack that was making my neck, shoulder and arm hurt.  Thanks be to God for His unfailing love.

We just took my car to be serviced and A/C checked.  It is certainly getting warm enough to want it cool when we drive.

I guess I will do laundry, and have church tonight.  Enjoy your day....I am going to, and smile all the while!


  1. Awesome news! We have SO much to be thankful for:) Have a truly blessed day and don't move those heavy objects! I pray that the medicine works! HUGS!

  2. so glad to hear you got "fairly" good news.... :)

  3. I like that "too blessed" sign. When I was a professional office worker, I used to say I was "Stressed For Success". *lol* But that was the '80s when it was "in" to be successful and not a moocher.
    Yes, praise the Lord indeed that you don't have cancer and it's not heart problems. Severe osteoarthritis is bad enough, but I guess as we age, we should expect body failures. And remember NO HEAVY LIFTING young lady! *grin* Hey, we're all still young on the inside where it counts, right!? Prayers for you and Jim today. Y'all take it easy. Luv ~:)

  4. I'm glad it wasn't your worst fears. Prayers!

  5. Such good news to hear, but it is still not something to pooh-pooh about. Hopefully the meds and the PT will give you some relief. God is good, and I know you are already thanking Him for his mercy and goodness!! Love & hugs!

  6. That's great that they know exactly what is causing your pain and they have some treatments to try! I'm so happy that it wasn't more serious. I bet it feels good to know what is going on and you know longer have to worry. I will continue to keep you in my prayers that the PT works! Love and hugs...

  7. Gosh, I hope that the meds and PT will offer some relief. It sounds so painful.

  8. Thankful for your report and I pray that the meds and PT will help you. My mom had osteoarthritis and I remember how very painful it is. I know you feel better today just knowing what the tests ruled out, despite that the pain is still there. Take care.

  9. I'm sorry to hear of the terrible pain, but blessed to see your thankful attitude in the midst of your suffering.

  10. Amen!
    Prayers for you pain, my friend.
    Have a blessed afternoon.
    It's rainy here.
    So we are baking a pie! : )

  11. I'm thankful you got answers, and that it isn't life threatening. Don't work too hard, except in PT. :)
    PS - the photo on my blog isn't the same road I take to work. This one is near my daughters house and yes, it looks beautiful in the snow too!

  12. Linda thanks for coming over for a visit. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope things pick up for you with the physio and you get on top of the pain before too long.


  13. Well it is a relief to know what it is and most of all what it isn't. Use PT as a learning time. Learn the exercises well and keep them up on your own after you stop working with your therapist.