Wednesday, April 8, 2015


While surfing the net last night, I came across a site that had many memories from by-gone days. However, I don't remember 'oneses' being part of my memories. Did you ever wear them? Any idea what generation did? (they made me think of the Christmas Story where Ralphie had to wear the bunny onesy that his grandmother had made him)  I definitely didn't wear the head wrap, did you? I just thought it was a cute picture and of course had to save it and share it.

Other memories from the past.......

The good old days are long gone and the simple things aren't simple any more.  The technology generation has taken away so many things.

Instead of sitting in the house, car, porch, school, etc., etc., clicking a phone, i-pad, computer, or reader, we played.  We played outside in the yard til dark; we played with things inside the house that didn't cost an 'arm and leg' for our parents.  And guess what, we grew up just fine and have great 'degrees', jobs and families.

So when people call us 'old fashioned, out of the loop, and behind'....I just grin and think of all the things they missed in the 'good old days.!

The past is a foreign country; 
they do things differently there. 
~Lesley P. Hartley, The Go-Between, 1953


  1. Well, no clue if I wore onesies, but my 3 boys did. And they still do wear the pjs with the zipper in front and the feet built in during the winter months. They are my 8 year old's favorites! Which is kind of funny...

    1. My children wore them too, but as an adult, I never did...might be extra warm tho! lol

  2. I have no recollection of every wearing a onesy. Seems like it would be inconvenient in the bathroom department. :) My memories are all of playing outside too. Luv ~:)

  3. That photo looks to be late 50s or early 60s. I'm going by the wallpaper and the lamp, more than the girls in their onesies. I never wore them, and don't ever remember it being a fad. I do agree that kids today have missed out on so much because of technology. Yes, they learn faster (perhaps) than we did, but we learned things they aren't learning at work, respect, compassion. You can't get that from an iPad.

  4. I wore onesies when I was a child. Oh how I understand where your coming from on this post. Blessings

  5. Oh yes - the good old days and the wonderful memories! No onesies for me either!

  6. I think its sad when I look around and see the next generation glued to their cellular phones and gadgets. Thanks for sharing your memories, I always enjoy visiting your blog.