Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I am not crafty, I cannot crochet, paint pictures, carve anything (not even a turkey at Thanksgiving very well), so if I attempt to change something into something else, it better be super easy and even then, I don't always get it!

I found these while surfing the net and some of them, I think I could even handle, and thought there might be something here you could try as well.

I have a catch in my shoulder this morning, and a headache came along too.  This might work for both problems.

I love pineapple juice and normally keep the small 6 pack cans on hand, so I am definitely planning on trying this one next time I have that 'hacking' cough.

Super idea for me, because when I put my flour, meal, sugar, etc. in canisters, and then attempt to take out a cup or a little, I get it all over everywhere....counter, etc., but not in the bowl.

We rarely buy drinks with pop tops any longer, but if we did, I would love to attempt to make this wind chime.

Where do you keep your bracelets?  Mine are in my jewelry box, but all on top of each other.  I loved this idea.  Buy at a pottery shop or Walmart or anywhere they have empty tall bottles.  Could even color match to room.

I am sure some of you already have your cords running to your computer or printer wrapped in tubing, but I thought this was an easy way to keep several that I use a lot on my desk side, and could even label them.  I have 3-4 that I always have to decide which one connects what.

I had seen this once before and am now collecting these from loaves of bread, to label and put around the cords.  I have two surge protects and the cords are hap-hazard on the floor next to my desk.

I have a hard time keeping boxes closed with the little tabs on top to keep the insides fresh, so I thought I would give this a try.  Cheese crackers, raisins, chocolate chips, cereal, etc., etc.  At least the top would be closed and save throwing away stale things.

The epidural went perfect yesterday and the pain is gone.  It was my 17th one and I asked my doctor if he had anyone else that had as many and it worked for them.....he has one man that has one 4 x's a year and has since my doctor started doing them in 2003.  So, I am good to go for many more.  Thank you for prayers for success.

On top of everything else that is happening in my family, my oldest daughter went to her GYN yesterday for a routine check, and found out she is going to have a complete hysterectomy due to some tumors on the outside of her uterus.  Rather than take a chance on just the uterus, she is have tubes and ovaries moved at the same time.  She is 46, has the two girls and wants to be safe at all costs.

Ok, I thought I had nothing to post, but as always, my mind races.  Have a good day.


  1. Some good ideas---thanks for doing the research! I currently have a nagging cough and will try the pineapple juice TODAY!
    I think your daughter is being wise---an ounce of precaution!

  2. Good morning, Linda....Love the ideas/tips you shared! I am going to start saving my Coffee Mate containers! Also..we have a bar in our basement and I think the wind chime would actually make a cut bar decoration. We could use the beer bottle caps! So happy that your epidural went great yesterday! I will keep your daughter in my prayers. Have a terrific Tuesday!

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  4. What great ideas! Thank you for sharing these, I'll have to remember some of the tips.

  5. So glad to hear your procedure went well, Linda! Nice that you can keep going for that pain killer, too!! Wonder if he could target my knees? I will keep your daughter in my prayers. I had my complete hysterectomy at age 46 too. My problem was fibroids. I wouldn't change it now. Best thing that happened to me. My doctor said every woman should get one for her 45th birthday. I love all the tips you shared. I will put a couple of them to use!

  6. :) My brain also has too many tabs open!
    I like your tips today.
    So glad your epidural went well. I'll pray for your daughter.

  7. Love all the tips! Kinda made me hungry for some reason. *giggle*
    I think all my tabs are shut this week. Can't think straight but am getting over a mild virus attack of some kind.
    So sorry your daughter has to have a hysterectomy. I had to have one at age 32 because of serious female problems. Now I'm thankful it was done but at the time it felt devastating. It's still but it took me a long time to feel "female" again. She needs to be sure and take the hormone replacement. It'll help with the adjustment. Please share that I'm praying for her.
    Hope you're still pain free and feeling happy. ~:)