Saturday, April 4, 2015


Four little girls in their Easter outfits!  I am on the top step and the other 3 were my friends from the neighborhood.  I don't know how old we were, but the dresses were our Sunday finest.  

Did you 'dress up' for Easter?  Frilly socks? Ribbon in hair?  Patent leather shoes?  I miss the days where we knew the girls from the boys and when we were dressed up, you knew it was a special time.  Easter was/is a very special time.

We live and die; 
Christ died and lived!  
~John Stott


  1. Yes, Linda, we did dress up and yes, we have lost something, I think. We have been trying to make men and women "equal" for so many years, that something has gotten lost along the way. But, time marches on and new memories are made in different ways. I LOVE that photo and smiled at you as a little girl all dressed up! Thanks for sharing the memory. Wishing you a blessed Easter!

  2. Yes, somehow our Mother got us all dressed in new or nearly new dresses. I also remember wearing a little hat with a ribbon under the chin and small plastic flowers on the side :) Memories, the best! Happy Easter!

  3. Yep, sure did...right along with a "bonnet" or new hat. It saddens me (well, you already know this) how the changes have come about in todays time. Thank you for sharing your memories, I always enjoy them. Blessings

  4. Yes, we dressed up. I remember that we even got white gloves to wear. I remember getting cute new dresses for my girls to wear to church to. I miss those day.
    Your picture is so cute and I really like that quote!