Wednesday, March 18, 2015


A dear friend gave me a braclet just like the one above, years ago for my birthday.  When I came across this one online, it brought back good memories of our friendship.

Update on Spotty....the vet called yesterday and recommended that Spotty stay there an extra day due to not eating well, and that may be due to pain.  They want to watch her and be sure she can come home without problems for us.  Poor Cali is just lost.  I cleaned one of the litter boxes yesterday and before I could get it back to the utility room, she had to check it out!

The temperature and sun have really brought out the buds on the trees and they are getting ready to burst forth.  We have some buttercups (jonquils) beside our mailbox and they are blooming their little yellow hearts out right now.  When I see these things, I know spring is just around the corner and 'Old Man Winter' soon will be just a memory.

Our son has been hit with the 'vegetable garden' bug! He had already started some of them inside, but now has cleared the big garden out back, is getting the tractor and rototiller in shape and is itching to plant. He sounds like he has one of everything to plant this

Coffee. Garden. Coffee. 
Does a good morning need anything else? 
 ---Betsy Garmon


  1. That's a lovely bracelet. I hope Spotty's appetite returns and she get to come home soon. Poor Cali - that's a cute photo of her!
    I love jonquils, tulips and crocuses this time of year. Best wishes to your son with his garden project. Hope you enjoy your day. xoxo Mildred

  2. Cute bracelet with meaning! Love the rocks:) Gave me an idea for our garden! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh what a lovely post! No flowers here....sad to say. I loveeeeeee the rocks!! Thanks for the smiles. Blessings (Hope Spotty gets to feeling better and waving to Cali).

  4. Lucky you with flowers blooming! Hope Spotty comes home today,

  5. Those stones are cute. Hope your cat feels better soon.

  6. A big garden is a blessing (but also lots of hard work!). I'm glad the Vet is keeping Spotty, to make sure she is okay before sending her home. Hope she heals well!! I'm sure Cali misses her.