Thursday, March 26, 2015


Jim was going through his desk drawers, cleaning out and throwing away and he found a handful of pictures.  He brought them to me and asked if I knew who this was.....

I immediately knew it was Jim.  We looked at it and talked about how much our grandson looks like him, but grandson's hair isn't quite that white blonde.  Jim always reminds me that Jesse, our one and only grandson, carries the weight of the whole family name on his shoulders.  All of the other grandchildren are girls and the Eller name (our branch) closes with them.

Revival is over and what a blessing the nights were to all of us. We have heard the Word, and now it is our responsibility to take the Word to others.

"But how can people call on Him 
if they have not believed in Him?
 How can they believe in Him 
if they have not heard His message? 
How can they hear if no one 
tells the Good News?"

Jesse has his first baseball game today and Nana and Papaw will be sitting right there and enjoy watching him play.  We have a good place where we can drive right up to the fence, sit in the car and watch.

Last year was his first year to play and he is very excited to 'hit the ball' again this year.

I bought a new vacuum cleaner yesterday and haven't even taken it out of the box, so best get busy.  Have a wonderful Thursday.


  1. A new vacuum cleaner....mine is still doing okay, but it is probably 18 years old. Oreck. Jesse DOES look like his grandpa! I noticed it when I saw the photo on FB this morning. I think it's great that you have a parking place from which you can watch the ball games! That's awesome. So much more comfortable than sitting on those hard bleachers! Jesse carries the name, but the blood is the same that is running through the girls' veins. The Eller name will live on through them, too, in your family's genealogy!

  2. Good photo of Jim. I can see where your grandson's good looks come from. Our Hudson family ends when Hubby and his brother die. We have no children and everyone else are girls.
    It's nice having a reliable vacuum cleaner. I bought an Oreck in 2007 and it's still going strong.
    Luv ~:)

  3. Jim has not changed a bit!!!! Really, Linda, I can still see that "boy" in him. Jesse looks just like him, at least I think so. Thanks for sharing and for the smiles. Blessings

  4. Jim was a real cutie! Jessie does look like him.
    I'm glad the revival was a blessing!

  5. Oh that precious picture!
    I always pull the car up to the fence for Rhett's soccer games!
    It is either way too hot and sunny, or poring down rain!

  6. What a cute little fella:) My Nephew's son is the only one in our branch to carry on the Family name (Howell)! Have a blessed day and enjoy watching your Grandson play ball! HUGS!

  7. Great picture of Jim! Your grandson is lucky you are able to go to his games. I know he must love having you there.