Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I typed the title of this blog and realized most of my entries are odd and the end rarely makes sense!  So, on we go.

We are having revival at our church this week.  Many churches do not have, nor have ever had, what we call revival.  I grew up knowing what it was and always attending. Actually I look forward to the time every year. We try to have twice a year, in the spring and fall.

     A revival meeting is a series of Christian religious services held to inspire active members of a church body.
     A revival meeting usually consists of several consecutive nights of services conducted at the same time and location, most often at the building belonging to the sponsoring congregation.
     Most groups holding revival meetings tend to be of a conservative nature, although some are still held by mainline groups, which formerly conducted them with a far greater frequency. Similar events may be referred to as "crusades", especially those held by Billy Graham. 
     Most American Protestant groups other than evangelical churches have become less active in holding revival meetings in recent years, but many are still conducted by nondenominational community churches, most of which are conservative in theology.

We always have a visiting pastor/preacher and this time it is a long time friend of our Pastor.  It is good to listen and learn, and trust me, no one is too old to learn something new.....  The special music each night is an added blessing.

Our grandson has started baseball at the recreation center in our area.  He played last year for the first time, and was excited to play again this year.  We went to as many of his games as we could and will again this year. This age is fun to watch.  They jump and spin and yell and clap as much as they actually play the game!
Our little Spotty has done so well since her surgery, but for the past couple of days, she has been a little sick. She hides and doesn't play like she did at first.  When I see spots where she has been sick, I know it is rough because neither of our cats have problems with that.

I could go on and on with odds and ends, but I am sure by now, you are more than ready for 'just the end'.

Do you see an elephant?  Talk about ODD!


  1. So sorry Spotty has been upset; that will hopefully pass soon. I will be praying she is back to her old self soon.
    Cute photo of your grandson. When I first met my husband he umpired little league ball. It was lots of fun to watch the kids learn and grown. I hope you will get to attend many games.
    I grew up attending Revival services in our church. Back in the 60's, the deacon's wives would take turns feeding supper to the revival pastor visiting from another church. Mother would prepare a big meal and we would use the good china on the big dining table. One cute memory I have is our neighbor, Lillie (who is still alive at 92) sneaked in the back door and begin to wash all that dirty china. As a little kid I thought to myself, she must REALLY like us to wash dishes when she doesn't have to!!!!!
    God bless your day and give the kitties a hug.

  2. Sorry to hear Spotty is having some tummy troubles. Hope she gets better! Make sure she isn't constipated after her ordeal....canned pumpkin added to her food will help with that (not pie filling, but plain pumpkin...a tablespoon works).

    I think my posts are more odd than yours ever are, Linda! I love hearing about your grands, and baseball season will provide some fun for you (and us!).

    We Catholics don't call them revivals, but we do have two Parish Retreats a year, one always during Lent. It usually lasts three nights and is by a visiting Priest. We don't make them all, but have gone to many that have been very inspiring.

    Have a good day!!

  3. LInda.....I remember the revivals at Belmont Heights and when Billy Graham came to town for a crusade. I still have the Bible that several of the pastors and singers with the revival signed...George Beverly Shea and others.

  4. I remember those days too Sue. I was saved during a revival at the church. I also remember going to revival at Vanderbilt football stadium when Billy Graham was there. Those really were the 'good old days'!

  5. I grew up Catholic, but became Baptist right before I had Liam (my husbands religion/faith). The last 18 years have been filled with Revivals, and I love them. Your right, most people don't know what they are. And southerners do things differently then up here. ANYWAYS....Linda, I love your blog, so don't worry about odds or ends or whatever. After we got our German Shep, Coffee fixed, he was sick. If it continues much longer call the vet. I hope she gets to feeling better. Blessings

  6. Life is full of offs and ends! Glad you're enjoying the revival. Love the elephant!

  7. That was definitely odds and ends but it was very enjoyable. Hope your day has been happy and relaxing. Luv ~:)
    (Sorry to be brief. Very tired tonight.)

  8. I really enjoy reading your odds and ends :) Your revival sounds like a wonderful time!

  9. I sure do see that elephant! Don't 'cha love watching those little ones playing baseball? Me too:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!