Saturday, March 28, 2015


This is late in the day for me to be posting on my blog, but we went to a parade at 10 am for the opening season of the recreation center baseball and softball games.  It was such a cute parade as the different teams decorated their floats showing what their team name is!  This year, Jesse, our grandson plays on the Sharks and they had the whole pickup truck covered in something gray with a big fin on top.  The trailer had their names, etc. and the boys rode on it, and threw candy to the people on the sidelines.

Then we went to the ball field and watched a game.  They are so cute at this age.  You can tell they are learning and have grown so much since last year.  Jesse has a good arm and can hit the ball to the outfield.  Catching the ball is still the hardest for him, and most of the other guys.  At this age, 7-8, they don't keep score, just play for an hour and that is the end of the game.

We got home and quickly fixed some lunch and both of us needed a nap!

Hope your day has been sunny, blue skies and warm temps.


  1. Awe, it sounds like you had a nice day! I bet the truck looked sharped. I am glad to see you, no matter what time it is. Blessings

  2. The parade and the game sound like fun. I watched many little league games when John umpired. Today was sunny and cool with wind. We did get out and ride around in the sunshine this afternoon. Have a good evening. xoxo Mildred

  3. What a nice day! Glad you were able to go. We have sunshine and cold.

  4. I like the idea of a parade to kick off their season!

  5. What fun!! I'm so glad you got to go and enjoy the parade and the game! Jesse is such a cutie! I look forward to hearing about his season!