Monday, March 16, 2015


Prayers answered....Jim is much better this morning.  The bad drug that was prescribed is leaving his system, and God is answering.  He said he slept good, isn't nearly as weak, and hungry!  That has to be a good sign too, right?

I have taken Spotty to the animal hospital.  She is scheduled for the works...I will pick her up on Wednesday, provided all goes well.  As the vet said, being spayed we won't have to deal with the 'heat' problems.  It might make her settle down a little too.

The sun is shining and it makes a world of difference in my attitude and outlook.

As the header says, 'why did I decide to grow up and be old'?  Good question.


  1. Giggling over the remote control thing, I sure remember the same thing. We were well into our teens when we got a tv that had a remote control. ANYWAYS--glad Jim is better. Blessings

  2. glad to hear Jim is better and Spotty is being taken care soon as our rescued Beagle has her pups it off to the Vet she goes..!

  3. Glad he is feeling better. I was at the vet with one of mine this morning. He needed blood work for an upcoming dentistry.

  4. Amen!
    So glad your hubby is feeling better.
    And we are awaiting that sunshine.
    Pass some along, would you?
    I am playing catch up here.
    After a solid week of sickness, I really want to tear everything apart and Lysol it down!
    But Steve made me promise to take it slowly...
    and I'm not having trouble keeping that promise!
    Have a good day, my friend. : )

  5. I've missed some of your posts. It's good news that Jim is feeling better. Thank God. Bad drug? Oh, my!
    The sunshine does make a person feel better. We've got a beautiful day but winter isn't over for us yet.
    Hope your kitty goes through her operation well.
    You have a good day.

  6. I am thrilled to learn that Jim is doing so much better this morning! Sunshine always makes us feel brighter, I think. Glad Spotty is getting "the works" and will be home on Wednesday! Does Cali miss her?

  7. What a relief that Jim's difficulties was just a drug reaction. So thankful that's over. I've been sick all weekend. Still tired but am much improved. I pray that Spotty does well with her surgery, etc. and it does calm her down. The weather is lovely here today. Hope your's is too. Luv ~:)

  8. Hi Linda, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Very thankful that Jim is better; what an answer to prayer. Hoping that Spotty does well at the vet, too. After a lot of rain, we have warm sunshine today and my outlook is so much better. God bless your evening. Mildred

    1. Thank you for your comments and I think we do have 'cats' in common for sure. A sunny, blue sky day always lifts my spirits and hope it does your too.

  9. I know our kids were the remote control, until we finally got one, that Abe always held onto. LOL Our kids said they can even remember Dad calling them from the bedroom to change the stations for him. Now that's pretty lazy. Although I was known to let it stay on one station rather then get up and change it. LOL We use to have two TV's even back when they were smaller. Abe and I very seldom ever watch TV together. It drives me nuts his changing at every commercial. Plus he likes a lot of WWII and things like that. I don't, news is bad enough to watch and he's been known to let CNN on for hours.

    Glad you hubby is feeling much better. I find the older I get the longer it takes to get over something.

    I understand there is something going around here in town, according to family doctor that saw our one daughter today. She said she thought everyone in Brookville has a sinus infection. Since that isn't catching, I'm assuming it's the weather.

    Well almost time to fix a bite of supper. I'm not that hungry, but Abe will want something, and he won't fix it himself. We're still battling those pesky little brown ants, I just might have to call and exterminator. About the time I think they are gone, several more appear. I ave enough ant traps around, but when I see them on my counter top, I just have to squirt them with vinegar and wipe them up.

    Have a nice evening, I hear DWTS starts again tonight, but I don't think I am going to watch it. It's not as much fun as it was when Mom and I watched it and then could talk on the phone about it, before, after or during their dances. Thanks for your visits to my blog and Facebook.

  10. I'm so glad Jim is doing better! The remote thing made me laugh. Us kids were often remotes for our Dad. :)

  11. Glad your hubby is on the mend.
    Sunny days are always a mood lifter for me. We had a lovely sunny afternoon today here in PA. Tomorrow it will rain...
    Blessings to you tonight!

  12. You made me chuckle on that remote control comment. Yeah, I think we were all remote controls at one point in our life. We are like you and have two TVs. I like home and garden and food. He likes CNN and the military channel. We watch together the things we agree on.

    Glad to hear Jim is better. Having just gone through a similar situation I totally understand.

  13. Praise God for answered prayers! Funny how things have changed:) The kids don't know how it was when we had to get up and turn the knob:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!