Monday, February 16, 2015


This is the day Americans remember our past and present Presidents.  Have you ever been to the Black Hills to see the Presidents in stone?  I have and it is amazing to stand there and see the work.

We have HAD some good, respected and appreciated Presidents.

Good Monday morning.  Hope this first day of a new week brings you warmth and comfort.  So many of my blog friends, and Facebook friends are literally snowed in! We were predicted to have 'inches' of snow, ice and sleet, beginning last night.  So far, none, but they are still saying it will start soon.  I have not put on my snow clothes as yet.  We are warm and have groceries to last through this 'snow storm'.

Yesterday morning at the end of Sunday School class, our teacher gave each of us a box of candy for Valentines Day, and her Mother had made 'bottle openers' for us as well.

You may have not seen a 'bottle opener' like this one.  It is a piece of the material that you can buy to line drawers, cut it in a circle and then knit the edge.  These openers really do work for jars, bottles or really anything you can't open on your own, this will do it!  I am glad to have one as I do not have much strength at all in my hands, due to bi-lateral carpal tunnel release and thumb surgery on both hands. I have a very giving teacher.

Saturday, we went to our youngest granddaughter's birthday party.  It was held at a gymnasium where the children had the run of the place.  They could run, jump on the trampolines, roll on big balls, etc.  Elizabeth is actually 7 today and it seems unreal.  I remember the day she was born like it was just yesterday. She is the little girl at the top in the pink shirt!

Praying you have a nice day.



  1. What a great idea to have a birthday party at a gym....I like that! Your granddaughter is adorable! Stay warm.

  2. That is an EXCELLENT idea for a birthday party!! What fun they all must have had! Time does go so fast. Good golly!!

  3. That is a great idea for a birthday party. My kids used to attend these types of parties and they were always great.

  4. Sound slike you had a busy Saturday and Sunday.

    At the present, we're worrying about daughter and granddaughter getting back from Disney World. They were in Tn about four hours ago. They are on a big tour bus. Brookville Marching Band went to Disney to participate in a march they had on Friday, I believe it was. Hoping daughter was able to make a video of it. Her friend did, but her friend turned the camera to get a different angle and there's no way to turn the video so you have to set with your head turned to view it. Melissa our daughter was a chaperon but it still cost a pretty penny to make the trip.

    I'm just hoping they get back to Ohio before it gets really, really bad. They were suppose to arrive back at the school around 4pm. I'll have to pick them up.

  5. I hope your area is spared the heavy snows. They sure are getting "slammed" further North. A gym is a great place for a kids party. Stay safe and warm my friends. ~:)

  6. I have not seen that beautiful site but would love to go some day! What a sweet gift from your teacher. What a neat jar opener, I will have to try to make one! Sweet birthday party and precious little birthday girl! Enjoy your week dear friend, HUGS!