Saturday, February 28, 2015


When I saw the cup of coffee and then the background saying Memories in the Making, it brought back some really good thoughts.  

Years ago, when our children were still in elementary school, my best friend and I had coffee on her front porch nearly every day. Our children went to a Christian school, and we lived in Georgia, so when it was time to pick up the children, I had to drive to Tennessee.  I would come about an hour or so early, and we would have 'a cup'!  Then I would pick up my children and hers and take them home.

She owned her own kennel/grooming business, so she could pretty much stop and start when she wanted to.  We solved many, many problems on that porch.  When winter came, she had a huge kitchen, with a big bay window where her table was, and we would move inside and sit at the table and continue making memories.

We cried together, laughed together, solved problems together and I wouldn't take anything for that time in my life.  We have been friends for nearly 50 years, our children are all grown and married, and we are still best friends today. We are actually family, related on Jim's side, as her Dad and Jim were first cousins.

The surgery center did call yesterday, and I am now scheduled for March 9th, to have the left eye done.  I will be glad to not be looking at everything cross-eyed.

Do you pay your bills online or do you write checks?  I have paid all but two of mine online for years, but yesterday I finally found the site to pay those two as well.  I told my daughter that now I didn't even have to walk to the mailbox.....lazy am I!  It is so easy and quick.



  1. How wonderful to have a friend like that. I call the bills in-just easier that way. I love your header this morning! Thanks for the coffee, wink. I would like to sit on your porch and talk with you....Blessings

  2. I have friends like that too:) Lifelong friends are precious! I pay all my bills on-line! I just added two that had been mailed! I love it too! I like it that I can schedule the ones not due just yet! Enjoy your day dear friend! LOVE the background! HUGS!

  3. Friends are what the icing on life's cake. I once had a friend like yours, we had been chums since High School, but she chose a different path in life and we had to go separate ways. I do miss her. I still pray for her. But because I chose to try and follow Christ and His teachings, God replaced that friend with another even better. I am truly blessed.
    I can't wait for your vision to be "perfect". It's wonderful! Reading glasses are so much cheaper than prescription.
    I pay a few bills on-line but still prefer to "cut checks" for medical bills and incidentals. For daily purchases we've been using almost exclusively cash. It makes life so much simpler and the gooberment doesn't know our purchases. *wink*
    The blog looks so homey and warm. Thankfully February is nearly over. Maybe Spring is drawing near. It will be very welcome.
    Luv ~:)

  4. I pay everything on line now, and we even send our church tithe directly from the bank to the church. Nothing lazy about it at all, Linda. It is smart, as far as I'm concerned. Most of ours happen automatically, too, so I don't even have to worry about whether I forgot something.

    Love the new background and the cup of coffee. I know how special those old friendships are! Blessings, they are!

  5. What a good friend and a great history!
    I pay almost all my bills online, love doing it that way.

  6. What a blessing you've had in that friendship! That is such a gift to treasure! I'm glad you have a new date for your surgery, I hope all goes well.

  7. Memories can never be taken away from us. Good luck with the surgery on Monday. Three of my best friends have died, my sister at 43, a lady I met in TOPS, I would called everyday and talk to, especially when I discovered I was pregnant with the 5th. child and the others were 17,16,15 and 11. And my most important best friend, my Mom that died this past May as a result of the car accident they were in. I still think to myself, I better call her before I get too sleepy tonight. I called her every evening and some times during the day. Especially if I had a funny joke or a question for her. I miss that lady so much. Again, good luck on the 9th.