Friday, February 6, 2015

Good Friday morning to you all!  The sun is shining, the sky is blue and no matter the cold temps. Friday always makes us smile because most of us look forward to the weekend and it is on the horizon.  To those who work weekends, thank you.

We did go to Aryn's ballgame last night.  They won and she scored 21 points, and that is really good, but she just wasn't herself.  It was almost like she was hiding and cheering the other players on, which also is a good thing.  Also, she got hit in the nose, and her boyfriend was home from Ole Miss and came to watch her play.  She had lots on her mind. lol  They play again tonight and we are planning to go.

We both got good reports from the doctor.  We go to the same primary care doc, but he sees us in separate rooms.  He knows both of us very well, and is a really good listener.  I told him if he was still practicing and I was still alive in ten years,(Jim is 10 years older than me) to remind me of how Jim acted, so that whoever takes care of me will know we both were nuts!
No other news, but we do need to rest as we have 3 days next week of doctor appointments.



  1. Glad you had good doctor appointments. And got to the game!

  2. Glad your appts went well. Love that last photo!

  3. I'm happy that your appointments went well and that you both have a doctor that you trust and like. I have 2 appointments next week. I'll be resting up this weekend too.

  4. Congratulations one your Granddaughter's team winning.

    Abe and I both go to the same Primary Doctor, but we usually have appointments on different days. If we should both go the same day and time, we go to the same room, which is fine once in a while. But sometimes I like to talk to the doctor when he's not around. LOL We see a lady doctor.

    So far the shot I got Wed. is working great. Doctor told me we wouldn't set up another appointment, when I felt like I need another to call them. Right now he said Medicare is so mixed up, they tell them one thing one time and something else the next, sounds like it's a mess. He said he didn't want to end up finding they wouldn't cover some of it and I would have to pay for all of it. Insurance like taxes is very confusing to me.

    It's been cold and damp here all day. Tomorrow we go get out toenails cut.
    Had to cancel it twice and didn't want to cancel again. First time, Jan. 19th. the roads were icy and we weren't going to take a chance, next time was set for Feb. 20th, then I realized I have a 6 month check up with my heart doctor and I feel my heart is more important then the toenails. LOL We need a time slot when we both can get them done at the same time, or rather back to back appointments. Medicare also pays for part of that. And getting them done is so much easier then trying to do them ourselves when the old body doesn't bend like it use to.

    Be careful going out in the cold tonight. We still have some snow and ice around here, but not as much as the town my Mother use to live in. We drove up there this morning to check out her house, the young man that bought it is having some Amish men to put new siding, windows and so forth in and on it. It's been some shade of yellow for years, now it's a light sort of an olive green. Going to look very nice when done. I would also love to see the inside once they do something to that, unless they plan on renting it like it is, but it does need some face-lifting.

    Don't eat too much pop corn at the game and have fun.

  5. No wonder that Aryn was distracted. It's hard to play with a sparkle in her eye. *giggle* Hope her nose is OK today.
    I'm glad to hear that the doctor reports where positive. What a bummer that you have another week of visits though. My husband and I went through that a few years ago. The one thing that helped me to get through it is to remember it was only temporary. And these visits will help improve y'alls lives.
    Have a blessed evening!
    Luv ~:)

  6. Thank you for the smiles...Linda, I loveeeeeeee your background. I might have to borrow it, LOLOL. Blessings

  7. Glad your appointment went well. I thought I was just about finished and got a note from my doctor that it's time to start the next round. Need to schedule that and my eye appointment. Thankful for my nice group of doctors. Keep cozy!

  8. Aryn played another great game, even with everything going on in her life! I'm trying to catch up on blogs, after being away. Glad your appointments went well, Linda!. It sure helps having a doctor you really like.