Monday, January 5, 2015


How about a 5 o'clock rising?  I had set my alarm clock for 6 AM, but as always, when I have an appointment the next day, I never sleep very well, and wake up before the alarm goes off.  For me, I cannot stay in the bed once I am awake. Jim can!  lol

Jim has appointment with an opthamologist this morning at 8:30 and it is totally on the other side of town.  The 'going to work' traffic will be heavy, but we will be heading in the opposite direction so hoping it won't be too bad.  We both have cataracts that need to be removed and he has some scar tissue from a previous removal that also needs to be taken care of....thus, the eye doc.  My appointment is tomorrow at 8!

This seems to be 'appointment' week for us.  After today and tomorrow, Jim has appointment on Friday for a breathing test.  He takes a medication that has to be monitored very addition to breathing test, he has blood work, and a mini-physical.

One of my granddaughters, Grayce, began the events leading up to the Cotillion yesterday. It is special for little girls, as well as boys of the same age, and they learn how to curtsy/bow, which side of the man the lady walks on, and just all in all, manners. Her sister did the same thing when she was 13.  I am not sure they really apply all they learn, but it is fun and she gets to 'dress up'.  It all ends with a ball where they also learn basic dance steps.  I am sure I will have pictures to share.                

(This picture was taken a few weeks ago for her school Christmas dance!)

That is all my news for today.  GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!


  1. Stay safe! I didn't sleep much last night, due to the wind storm. I am the same way as you though..What a beautiful pic of your granddaughter. Thanks for the smiles. Blessings---ooos' and ahh's over your background, lol.

  2. Y'all be careful driving so far. I always tell doctor's no appointments until after 10 am. We live way out in the country and every trip is an event.

    That's a good picture of Grayce. I highly recommend manners training for everyone. It's part of getting a classical education, which is what even public schools used to do. ~:)

  3. Oh...those appointment days! I get anxiety just thinking of them! is always nice to have them done with, right?
    Your granddaughter is lovely! So nice to see nice, well raised young people today. : )
    Hope you are now home safe and sound with your feet up and a cup of coffee in hand. : )

  4. Pretty Grace! The Cotillion is a Southern thing I think, it doesn't happen around here but it sounds like fun! Hope the drive and the appt went well.

  5. I hope the appointment went well. Your granddaughter is lovely!!

  6. I'm playing catch-up today. Grayce is a beautiful young lady. I didn't know they still do cotillions anymore. That's great.
    I hope your doctor appointments went well.

  7. Grayce is so pretty, and so is her sister. Actually, all of your grandchildren are beautiful!! Lakeland has cotillion, too. It is done through our Lakeland Yacht & Country Club. One of those 'coming of age' things that is more for the privileged here in town, than for the middle class, but is still a big deal.