Wednesday, January 14, 2015


And they do crackle and pop!  I used to hear my grandmother's knees pop when she would get up out of a chair, and I thought.....I will never be old enough to do that. WRONG!
I listen to other people my age, at church, at the doctor's office, at the check-out at the grocery, and we all do it - snap, crackle and pop, and don't even realize it at times. For a long time, I thought I was the only one but , it is another one of those signs of old age.  And the word we say when it happens, is 'uhhhh'.  Do you know what I am talking about?  Some of you are too young yet to know, but just wait....your turn is coming.  I have to laugh at all these things though, or the men in the white coats would be coming for me.

Aryn had a basketball game last night, but we didn't go.  It was at a school in a rough part of town, and it is so dark, and so cold, and takes us a little more time to get from the car to the gym, we decided nay on this game.  They did win however, and she scored 17 of the 44 points.  So far, they are undefeated in their district.

I put a frozen pork chop in the crock pot with a can of mushroom soup and a small can of green peas, and cooked it almost all day.  We had fried apples (cut in chunks, add 1/2 stick butter and sprinkle brown sugar over, cover and cook on low until tender) and hot rolls for supper (or dinner, depending on where you live). Jim made a German chocolate cake for dessert.  I didn't eat cake because I knew I was going to have my hot chocolate before bedtime, and that would have been too much sugar.  'I will have my cake and eat it too!'sometime today.

Church tonight and that is it for my plans this Wednesday.  Be safe if you have bad weather and have to be out in it.



  1. Oh, how I understand about the crack, snap, pop, whatever, lol. I use a excerise ball to stretch, it does help. I have a feeling I will be in a world of hurt when school starts back, walking those hills and all.

    Thanks for the post, you always make me smile. Blessings

  2. Yes, to the snap, crackle and pop. Sheesh!! Are we really that old?!! Congrats to Aryn (again!) and her team. Awesome! Your dinner sounds good. I haven't cooked pork chops in awhile, so think I need to get a package out of the freezer this week. Nice background today - it really pops!!

  3. My knees have been cracking and popping since I was in high school. I was in the library at school once when it happened and the librarian yelled at me! Ah, but now it's even worse.

    Congrats to Aryn! Good for her!

  4. Your supper sounds delicious! I can just imagine how lovely everything would smell. Have a lovely night at church.
    - Lauren

  5. I know what you mean about snap, crackle and pop. My knees and ankles have snapped since High School. It's gotten worse with age. [sigh]
    The supper sounds heavenly. I'll bet it was very tasty. If I was there I would have engorged myself on the fried apples for sure.
    Congrats to Aryn (again). She's a real do-er.
    Stay warm and safe up there y'all. Luv ~:)

  6. My one knee does the snap, crackle, pop too. The other will probably start soon. :)
    Your supper sounds really good!