Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I was laying in bed last night thinking about how blessed I really am.  It was one of those nights where you want to go to sleep, and can't.  I began to count all the 'things' I have, all the people who love me and that I love, but most of all, I have a Savior who loves me more than anyone or anything ever could.  I go to a doctor with some silly ailment, and get a wake up call.  There is always and I do mean always, someone there worse off than I am.  Makes me ashamed and certainly humbles me.

Someone posted an article showing the old dial/home telephones.  I think most of us have given up those and gone to cell phones.

TV sets are not what they used to be either.  Black and white - do you remember those? Goodness now we have spectacular color and flat screens as big as the wall they are hanging on.

Technology is 'out of this world' - literally. Computers that will do anything you are smart enough to problem
them to do.  I thought of my Kindle.  It is small enough to fit into my pocketbook and I take wherever I go.  I have over 300 books programmed on it to read yet.  I can also access the internet, play games, and chat.  

There are some down sides to technology though. My mind goes to people who drive or walk while texting on their cell phones.  We have had company and/or family members visit us and I look around and one or more are texting, rather than entering into the conversations, and not just teenagers.  Driving while texting is a hazard of great proportions-life threatening.

In churches now, you can look around and usually find someone texting or doing other things while the service is in force.  Pretty soon we can all stay home from church and get the message on our cell phones.  For me that is going to be a sad day because I love being with people of like mind, worshipping together, and learning what God has in store for me.   
I know, you must think I am very, very old and you would be right.  There are some things that are new that are great, but some, not so much so!

On this Thankful Tuesday, I will say, I am so thankful to be alive and be a part of all this new 'stuff'.  I wonder what it will be like for my grandchildren when they are grown and have children of their own. Yikes!



  1. I like your thoughts. I used to tell my 6th grade students, "One day you'll be driving down the highway with your children in the backseat listening to your music on the oldies station." They would groan and say,"No way!" Well, I was a little wrong...it's now I pods, etc. Anyway, the point is what we consider modern will become old memories! And very, very old......no way! I know this because we're the same age!

  2. We do have much to be thankful for!! I agree about cellular phone usage in cars - they are very dangerous. It is illegal here in Scotland to use a mobile phone while driving.

  3. We are blessed, that is true. I'm still getting used to seeing people with their devises in church, it helped when I realized most are reading their Bible on it.

  4. Seeing the movie, Imitation Game, last weekend really shoved home the amazing strides we have made in computer technology. The brilliant minds that got computers off the drawing board to what we have today are beyond amazing. But you are right about the down sides. Even in restaurants, people are texting rather than engaging the person/people they are with, in conversation. Great post, Linda!

  5. You my friend, aren't old...I happen to agree with you--this texting stuff...well..personally, it's for the birds. We (all 3 of us) deleted FB because of the nonsense on there, Liam likes another app and him and his buddies/friends/gal pals are on that. ANYWAYS--like we tell family & friends...you want us, you want to find out what is going on, etc, then pick up the phone. (instead of gossiping online)--oh wait--completly diff. subject, LOLOLOL.

    I remember those items you posted...sure do our phone was in the hallway or the kitchen when I was growing up. Thanks for the smiles. Blessings

  6. Couldn't agree more, my friend!!!!

  7. I remember the things you posted and I agree, things sure have changed. (And not always for the better)
    You're wrong about one thing - you are not very, very old!

  8. I agree, you are NOT very, very old. I remember the things you mentioned. It bugs me to no end when the teens in church are texting rather than listening to the message. It must bug the pastor more.

    I guess I must be the one that's old because I still have a landline and home phone. Cell phones are used only when I am away from home. And my TV may be color, but it's only 19 inches and fits in a corner of the room.

  9. It's funny you mentioned the differences. I was watching E.T. with the boys and my oldest said, "Why does that tv look weird?" when they showed a tv from the 80s on the movie.