Thursday, January 8, 2015

10 F

Since all the weathermen said we were to have extremely cold/bitter temps last night and today, I did all my duties to keep the house going.  I let 3 faucets drip, I put a furry, heavy blanket in the 'kids' (cats) room, I closed all the drapes to hold in heat, and turned on the electric blanket!  We were toasty, nothing frozen, and the house seems warm this morning at 10 degrees.

We did not go to church last night.  It is so hard for Jim (and me too really) to get from the parking lot to the door of the church, we decided it was best for us not to try it.  I could have let him out at the door and then found a parking spot, but again, it isn't easy for me to walk very far either.

Today I will change the beds, begin taking the 2014 files out of the folders and store away, so that I can put all in for 2015.  That is a full time job in itself, but must be done.  

Stacy, my son's wife, came home early from a job conference in Knoxville, TN, because she was so sick.  She got to a doctor and she has severe bronchitis, got a steroid shot, Z-Pak, and 2 types of cough syrup.  Murphy said it was all she could do to get from the car into the house and went straight to bed.  I haven't had report yet this morning but am praying she is some better, and at least it wasn't the flu that is running rampant in Chattanooga and the State of Tennessee.  We are #1 in both areas.

I did manage to go to the pharmacy and grocery store yesterday morning, so we are set for at least a week before we start running out of the usual.

No more news from the cold south, so I will leave you with - GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!


  1. I think we're all victims of this Arctic blast! Try to stay warm. I'm keeping a good fire going in the stove. So thankful to have wood.

  2. Cold here, too, but I've done some cooking and have nice hot chili waiting for me for lunch. A little decluttering going on, but more blog visits than sorting. My only new year's resolution is to stop trying to force myself to eat kale. I've gone 64 years without kale and I've done just fine. Prayers for Stacy and keep cozy!

  3. This weather is awful. When I checked a few minutes ago, we were at Minus-1 with wind chill of Minus-15!!! Most of our churches around here cancelled services last nigh.
    The flu and bronchitis are spreading like wildfire. Prayers for Stacy's quick recovery.
    You take care, be safe and warm.

  4. So very sorry to hear that Stacy is not feeling well. That same thing is running rampant through work. So far I've escaped the bug and I hope to continue to do so. Keep warm. If you can, that is. Even with the heat on and the fire going my house is COLD. I have to go to work to warm up!

  5. I can easily keep those resolutions, too!! LOL

    Hope Stacey is feeling better by now!! The creeping crud is going around here, too. I don't want it!!

  6. The high here today is 40 degrees and we're in SE Georgia. I can imagine how cold it is further north. Brrr! Hubby and I have been at the hospital all morning. I hope y'all stay healthy and avoid this awful flu and/or virus' making the rounds. My dearest friend had surgery this afternoon to remove breast cancer (early stages). She had 6 nods. Please pray for her? Thank you so much. Stay safe out there. Luv ~:)

    1. I will pray for your friend. Stay warm, 'they' say Sat. is to be the coldest day yet.

  7. Gurlllllllllll (lol--love that southern drawl?) It was -35!!!! when I got up this is a balmy 2* wc right now 14*. Layers, my friend, layers. Keeping you in prayer...keeping your daughter inlaw in prayer too.

  8. Wishes that your daughter in law recovers quickly! I hope you can stay warm and healthy, inside your home until the cold temperatures warm up. Take care.

  9. Glad to hear you are staying cozy!