Friday, December 19, 2014

Welcome Friday and upcoming weekend.  What are your plans?  Shopping, baking, wrapping, or ???

We did not leave the house yesterday other than to go to the mailbox.  It was a gloomy day and looked like snow, but alas, none appeared.  The only thing on our agenda today is to take several bags of clothes, and a cooler to the Goodwill. Exciting huh? 

Jesse's school and class, had pajama day yesterday!  He had gotten some new ones recently and he HAD to wear them, even though they are too big!  He does have 'bed hair'!

I found some really useful ideas and thought I would share.  I didn't know about the apple in the potatoes.

Someone suggested putting the wooden spoon across the pan to keep it from boiling over.  It works and I do it every time I cook.

Laundry, wrapping presents and still wishing for the white stuff to fall from the sky. Our weatherman said we 'might' have a flake or two on Christmas Eve - of course, in the higher elevations!



  1. Awww...lovee Jesse!!!--I must go to the store today....must.....must....We had blowing snow/ice last night...calling for snow on Christmas here, it is bitterly cold here. Tis the season my dear friend. Thank you for making me smile. Merry Christmas!

  2. Jesse is so darn cute! I didn't know about the apple in the potatoes, but I also use a wooden spoon to keep pots from flowing over. It really does work! No snow here, and that is fine with me! :)

    Have a good weekend, Linda! Hope you get it all done. We will be in Naples.

  3. I love to have an occasional pajama day myself :) Jesse is just adorable!! My weekend plans include staying warm inside our house, away from the crowds of shoppers in town.