Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Christmas, my how this day brought lots of excitement to me when I was a child.  It still does the same for my 6 grandchildren.  My family has/had some really silly, but fun traditions on this day.

My aunt lived in the Nashville area, but she always, always, tried to be the first caller to us on this day, and would say 'Christmas Eve gift'!  It became a game to see who could call who first and we still do that to this day.  My oldest daughter called at 7:30 and I got her!  The others will try to wait each other out. With caller ID, you can pick up the phone without saying hello first, and say it...laughter always follows.

Another silly tradition that we started with our children and continue it until today as well, was gathering at a local Krystal on Christmas Eve.  We would eat those little hamburgers, enjoy each other, laughing and talking about Christmas past.

After the visit to the Krystal, we always ride through neighborhoods, looking at the lights and decorations on homes.

Our rain is to stop, get windy, and cold for Christmas Day.  I can handle cold much better than dreary rain.



  1. We are under bad weather here as well. Extreme winds and rain, cold. No white Christmas. I loveeeeeeee and miss Krystals, nothing like that here. I love the phone call thing--I am surprised our phone hasn't rung yet, lol. Although, it did ring at 10 last night, my brother..surprise surprise on that one. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

  2. We are under some weather warnings too. Right now it's windy and raining, snow later tonight!
    Merry Christmas Linda!

  3. Bad weather here too. I think it's clearing up now, though, as I pen these words.
    That's a sweet tradition started by the Aunt. I would have to try and "trick" everyone by calling from a phone booth or something. *giggle* I love those kind of practical jokes where no one gets hurt. It's just funny.
    Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours Linda! Luv ~:)

  4. Merry Christmas, Linda!! I LOVE those little hamburgers, which we got at White Castle when I was growing up. We had hard rain last night, bringing in a cold front (for us). It won't hit 70° today. Praise God for the blessing of His Son!!