Saturday, December 27, 2014


It seems like during the Christmas/New Years holiday, we eat lots of good food....turkey, ham, green beans, corn, etc.  Therefore, I tend to want sweets! Any kind, any way, just as long as it is sweet.  When I saw my title picture, it fit my blog title today.  I did buy some ice cream (3 kinds) yesterday and we still have cookies and sticky buns and orange cinnamon rolls to eat.  I guess my diet really is killed.  Oh well, these holidays only come once a year, right?

We are going to see Aryn play again this morning at 10.  After the game, we really do need to grocery shop for 'real' nourishing food.  We are also in charge of the juices and eggnog for our family get together tomorrow.

What are your New Year's Eve plans?  Due to our age, and the stage this world has become, we will stay safely at home.  If we happen to stay up late, we will watch the ball fall in Times Square, otherwise when the new year arrives, we will be snoozing.

Do you have trouble sleeping or falling asleep?  Here is a remedy that I plan to try and thought I would share with you.  It certainly can't harm us.....

     Ingredients: • 6 oz milk • 1 drop vanilla extract • 1 tsp honey In a small saucepan heat the milk to warm, but not boiling. Remove from heat and pour into glass. Add vanilla and honey. Stir well and sip slowly before bed.



  1. Ummm on your title picture. New Years Eve is our anniversary-we don't go anywhere-one day it wil be NYC (5 hrs east-south) to see the ball drop. But, like you said, the way the world is right now, noway.

    Good luck to ARYN! got leftovers? What time should I come over? Will ya be making the icecream concocation(giggling)

  2. I've been eating a lot of delicious food this past week, but I can feel the results in how my clothes fit me. But like you said, the holidays only come once a year :)
    We don't have any plans for New Years Eve. We like to stay home and avoid the crowds.

  3. I have actually not done too badly with the sweets this year, but mainly because I didn't bake or make my buckeyes. I have eaten too much, granted, but not so many cookies or candy. I love your background today, and that title picture does look tempting!! We do eat ice cream nearly every night. No plans for NY Eve. We also stay safely at home and sometimes are awake at midnight. Ha!! Times have changed. Good luck to Aryn and her team!

  4. Be careful venturing out and back home. We haven't done much of anything on New Years Eve for years. A couple of daughters come over, we play games starting around 8pm and eating all kind of snacks. In fact I don't eat supper on New Years Eve, know all the snacking that we will be doing. We try to stay awake until the ball drops, but 3/4 the time we all fall asleep. Abe's the only smart one, he goes on to bed around 10. LOL Now that's what you call a wild New Years Eve at the Lincoln Hope all of us have a wonderful, healthy New Year.

  5. I'm gonna copy and try this. I'm in one of my no-sleep modes. Ugh. Happy New Year to my new friend.

  6. Now I'm hungry for some ice cream. That remedy/recipe sounds good. It might help.
    We don't go out or do anything special on new year's eve anymore. We stay home where it's warm and safe.
    Praying you have a healthy, happy new year ahead. God bless.

  7. Oh I know what you mean about all that holiday food. Next week it's back to healthy food for me.

    Our next-door neighbor is coming over on New Year's Eve. We are watching a movie, snacking, and then turning on the fireworks over the Delaware River at midnight on TV. We'll have fun, no one has to drive, and our company has about 10 steps to walk to get home.