Tuesday, November 11, 2014


We should say thank you to our Veterans today, but really, we should any time we have the chance. Giving their lives gave us a free country to live in.  I pray that freedom continues.  Jim served in the Air Force and Navy.

I found my pictures!!!!  I have always been one who doesn't read the instructions, but tries it over and over, until I get it.  That is what I did last night.  Whew!

Jim and I decided about a month or so ago, to give gifts this year made at home by us.  The first item is apple butter.  We drove to the apple orchard on top of one of the mountains, got our apples, and began thinking of how long it would take us to peel, core and slice 5 lbs. of apples.

As we had a cup of coffee and laid out our plans, we remembered we had the tools to do this easy, and in little time.

Someone Jim knew from 'way back when' had given him an apple peeler, but finding it was another story.  We both looked all afternoon and finally.....we found it, cleaned it up, hooked it up, and was ready to begin.

Also, fortunately I have an apple corer/slicer, so we went to it!  Here are some pictures from the procedure.
Our instructions were to get them in the crock pot, add sugar and spices, and then cook overnight.  We did so!

This morning when I took the lid off, this is what I saw........golden brown and smelling dddddelicious!
Next, used mixer to smooth out the 'lumps' of apple, leave uncovered for a couple of hours, to cook down some of the juice, place in jars and 'wa - la', first gift of the season done.

Tonight starts basketball for Aryn and the game is at their school, so we will be going to that.

Have a wonderful day.  Did you remember to thank God this morning, for letting you live on His earth another day?


  1. Apple Butter looks great and sounds so simple to make. But also a lot of energy. But each morning at breakfast when you have some on toast or a biscuit, you will know that you and Jim made it. It will taste that much better.

    Good luck to the Granddaughter at her first basket ball game for the season.

    How did your husbands tooth turn out> I thought you said he was going to the dentist.

    I go this Friday for another trigger injection in my back, they don't last long, but a short period with little or no pain is better then nothing.

    Have a wonderful day. We'll be eating lunch out at Rob's who has a wonderful buffet, the different police and fireman in our area, pays for the Veterans lunch, we will pay for mine. And if they are still serving ham and beans with cornbread, at the VFW at supper time, Abe will got here and eat. I like beans, but they tend to upset my stomach, I don't seem to digest them well.

  2. Jim did go to the dentist, had 2 teeth filled. What is your trigger injection for? I get an epidural about every 3-6 months due to severe sciatica...it is a steroid but it relieves me instantly. Enjoy your lunch.

  3. Apple butter will be a delicious and thoughtful gift!

  4. What a great gift idea! I bet your house smelled amazing while you were making it! I love your page..a perfect thank you to our veterans! Please tell Jim our family says thank you to him and for his service to our great country!

  5. What a wonderful gift!!! I know your kitchen had to smell so good when you woke up to that!! Good luck to Aryn and her team! She is such a good athlete! Keep us posted on her games, please!!

  6. I had no idea Jim served in both branches! GREAT POST Linda!!!---btw, I can smell those apples, smiles. (great idea too on the gifts!) Blessings

  7. I bet your house smelled so good!