Thursday, November 13, 2014


Good Thursday morning.  I hope you are well and warm. It is definitely winter in Tennessee.

I discovered a small case yesterday and when opened, I found many old pictures.  

This picture is the people I worked with at Motors Insurance Company, which was the insurance division of General Motors.  MIC no longer exists, as I found out when I tried to apply for my retirement.

You have to love the hair-do's!  The gentleman on the right was the Branch Manager, the other man was office manager.  I am sitting on the far left, and I was the subrogation person - the one who recovered monies from other carriers and individuals who had damaged our insured's car.  I was in contact with our attorneys and if and when a law suit was needed, would give all the information to these gentlemen.  I worked there for 11 years.  



  1. I remember those hairdo' took a lot of teasing and back combing!

  2. Great picture. Love the hair...I missed out on that whole teasing thing. I don't think up too upset about it either LOL.

  3. Oh, the clothes, the hair and the skinny knots on the men's ties!! How fun!! Linda, you haven't changed...I would have known you, even if you hadn't told us where to look!! Great throwback!!

  4. Are you also in the photo? Fun to look at old photos, when you know who the people are. Have a great day.

  5. Patty, I am the person sitting on the left hand side.

  6. What a great picture! I do love the hair. I hope you and your husband are both feeling well and having a lovely week. *hugs*

  7. Linda!!! Like Terri, I would of picked you out, you have not changed, same lovely smile! Blessings

  8. I love the hair styles! Sounds like it was an interesting job...Are you still in contact with any of your coworkers?

    1. Kris, the only one I am still in contact with is the one sitting second from the right...blonde hair. She and I have known one another since high school. Sad to say, I couldnt even remember the names of several of them.