Monday, November 3, 2014

Sometimes this computer likes me, but some of the time, it doesn't!  It didn't earlier today.

I should have titled this again as 'bits and pieces'.  

First a church that is on the same road as ours is on, was broken into during Saturday night.  It was torn in places I couldn't imagine. They took a sledge hammer and smashed the tv's and computer screens; they pulled a water fountain off the wall and it flooded everything; the children's class rooms were literally destroyed....chairs broken, pictures torn off the walls; the pews in the sanctuary were turned over.  The damage was at least $100,000....and they do not know as yet, who did this.  I know so many people that attend this church and it broke my heart for them.  They do have an activity building and can meet there until it can all be repaired.

I just cannot imagine what would make someone want to do something like this.  There was money there, but not taken.  I can only say it was 'sin' in all it's glory.

Another sad, sad thing that has happened to a young girl in our church.  She is beautiful; went on a mission trip with the youth department, was always in Sunday School and she sat with her family in front of me.  I developed a friendship with her.  She was very athletic like my Aryn, and when the two schools played, she always came across the court to hug me.
We got word yesterday that she was in jail for the sale of drugs.  She had so much potential, graduated from high school and was going to college.  All I can do is pray that she gets the help she needs and can get out of that lifestyle.
We just never know how our young people will go...will they take the right or wrong path.

My two 'little girls' are getting along beautifully.  Cali will play with Spot but when she is through, she hisses and runs and hides.  As Cali is over 4 years old and Spot is still a baby girl, Cali has to have her rest! Can you tell it in her eyes?

Hope your afternoon and evening are blessed.


  1. I just don't understand vandalism like that. It's really sad.
    The news of the girl from your church is also so sad. I hope people show her love and she changes her life.
    Cute kitties!

  2. Shaking my head...I am so tired...and will comment on this sorry all the way around (church/girl). Blessings

  3. Spot is so adorable, and I'm glad she and Cali get along so well!

    I can't imagine what would make someone (or several) do that kind of damage. You are right - the devil was busy. Such a terrible amount of damage - it had to be more than one or two people.

    And I'm so sorry about the young woman from your church. Such a shame. I'll be praying for her, Linda.

  4. I'm so sad to hear about the crime done to that church building! And the young lady now in jail... I hope this leads her to turn to the Lord.
    I can relate to Cali... I need to be sure to have my rest too :)