Saturday, November 15, 2014

Oh yes, I stop to think all the time, and forget more than I remember. It is a game with us.  We finish each other's sentences, guess names or places, but thank goodness we can still laugh about it.  When we can't, that is when someone needs to watch after us!

Jim is up, has made his cinnamon rolls and is on his way to the Men's Prayer Breakfast at the church.  He rarely misses it and comes away with a praise or something we can pray about in the coming week.

Me?  Well there is so much that needs doing, I don't know which to choose first.  Laundry, vacuum, rearrange furniture for the upcoming holidays, etc.

On this day in history:
1937: Sadie Hawkins Day debuted in Al Capp's Li'l Abner comic strip
1981: Second successful landing of space shuttle Columbia
2006: Groundbreaking ceremony held for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C.
Born 1961: Nadia Comaneci (gymnast)
Born 1885: George S. Patton, Jr. (army general)
Died 2007: Norman Mailer (author)
Died 1970: Charlie de Gaulle (politician)
1889: Montana was admitted to the Union as the 41st state

Have a wonderful day and stay warm.


  1. Another wonderufl post, Linda!!! You always make me smile. I have many things to do today as of them is to make Sugar Cookies and then organize the kitchen. (and not mention write that paper) Blessings

  2. I always like reading this day in history.
    Lucky you, to have a hubby who makes cinnamon rolls!

  3. Oh my, I have all of those things to do tomorrow. The house had gotten so dirty, with all the work we have been doing. I've ignored the inside, and it has gotten embarrassing. No rest for the weary!! LOL