Sunday, November 30, 2014


In the Baptist Church, we don't celebrate the Advent season like other churches and I miss it.  It is a beautiful time of anticipation and the symbols surrounding it, make it very special.

I still celebrate in my heart and mind though!

We are having a heat wave.  It is 61 this morning vs. the low 20's we have had in the last couple of weeks.  Rain is moving our way though, and the numbers will drop again as another front moves this way.

We have a 'post office' at church.  Everybody has a box with their name on it, and we can 'send' a card to any and all.  It sure saves a lot of money on postage, and it is exciting to check the box each time we go.  I have my cards and have signed 1/2 of them.  Now to address and get into the boxes.

Tomorrow I am to be at the hospital at 6 am for another epidural.  Thank you Lord for modern medicine and for doctors that can help us.



  1. Being a convert from Catholic to Baptist, I have had a hard time with that, really I have. We once had a pastor who refused a Christmas tree--called it paganism at its best...anyways----keeping you in prayer for tomorrow.

  2. Linda, I totally understand. I have been a part of the Baptist church all of my life, but there was a period that I attended a Methodist Church and learned about Advent, etc. It is a beautiful part of the Christmas season to me. We have a Christmas tree at my church and it is Baptist, so maybe things have evened out! Happy Sunday. Thanks for the prayers, I can use all I can get! lol

  3. I'm non-denominational and we do celebrate advent. I enjoy it. We also have a mail boxes at church. It's a great way to send greetings@
    Praying for you tomorrow!

  4. I think the mail boxes at church is a great idea. Our church is so big, though, that it just would not work for us - 2,200 families and five Masses each weekend. I grew up Methodist. Maybe that's why the transition, for me, to Catholic was easier than it is for some. I love the Advent traditions. We have a huge Advent wreath in the Church's yard, and it is the first thing you see when you walk into the Church. We also have a big manger scene and a tree...

    Prayers lifted and will be in the morning, also, Linda. Good luck with the epidural!!

  5. I wasn't raised in any religion, so, am sadly unfamiliar with Advent or other traditions. The boxes in the church sound like a wonderful, friendly idea.
    I pray the epidural goes smoothly tomorrow. We'll all be holding you in prayer.
    Luv ~:)

  6. I really like the mail boxes at church idea! I plan to post my Christmas cards tomorrow :) I hope all goes well for the epidural, God-willing it will be of much help!

  7. We must be kindred spirits, Linda. We too are members of a Baptist Church but I have had a lot of experience with Lutheran and Catholic traditions and appreciate them. I too celebrate both Advent and Lent in my heart during the seasons.

    I like the idea of a card box at church! Whoever came up with that is genius!

  8. I'm late reading this ( Monday evening) but I still said a prayer for you and hope the epidural was successful this morning. I'll check back in tomorrow to see how you're feeling. God bless