Thursday, October 16, 2014


The picture above is called 'burning bush' and this is located at the edge of the parking lot to our grocery store.  I watch every year when it starts to turn, and got a good picture of it this year.

We are getting a taste of winter this morning.  I don't know what the temp is, but it is cool, grey skies, and leaves everywhere.  It seems we went straight from summer to fall, and now to pre-winter!  We have the heat on and for us to do that, it is cool with a capital 'C'.

The Missionary Conference ended last night and it was heart breaking to hear these men tell of the trials and troubles they have, giving the gospel to a dying world.  We have no idea of what they go through and how they live. We had two last night that live in closed nations, Bangladesh and Burma (Myanmar), meaning Christians cannot live and give the gospel in open places. They have to hide, and sneak into places to tell the locals about Christ.  God bless them all!

Tonight at 7 pm, Aryn's volleyball team plays for the Sectional Title and from there, if they win, on to State.
I guess right about now, the kids are gearing up for Halloween.  A lot of parents wont let their children go door to door any longer because of the dangers.  Our church is having a HUGE Fall Festival on the parking lot of the church, to give families a safer environment.  There will be 'jumpy' things, bluegrass music, lots of games, food, cake walk, etc., and all free.
I had better close and get going if I am ever catch up on house work and laundry.  God bless everyone. 


  1. Good morning, Linda! Thank God we live in a country where we can practice and live our religion. I can imagine how hard it is for these missionaries to do their calling in a nation that doesn't allow it! God bless them. Isn't it crazy how mother nature can just flick the switch to a new season? It happens here in Michigan every year. I think it's so nice that your church offers a safe and fun way to celebrate Halloween. Our church does the same thing. Good luck to Aryn and her team!!

  2. Our burning bush is very pretty right now.
    Glad your missionary conference went so well. It's a hard calling.
    Hope Aryn does well!

  3. That is a beautiful burning bush and your photo is a keeper! It would make a pretty FB cover!! Good luck to Aryn and her team. I know you will keep us posted. I'm cheering them on!! We are so blessed to live in a country that still allows freedom of religion, though it is slowly being eroded away. It is wonderful that the missionaries were able to get away for awhile, and help spread the word of their important work. Prayers lifted!!

  4. I really like the "burning bushes" - I've never seen anything like that before! The fall festival is a good idea and sounds like a lot of fun!
    Hugs to you.

  5. OHHH We have those burning bushes here too..they are beautiful~~good luck to Aryn. The churches down south are famous for the fall festivals. We are not doing "Halloween" this yr as we are moving, have to be out by midnight on the 1st. Blessings