Friday, October 3, 2014


We have needed the rain, and now the temps will be cooler, and the beautiful colors of fall will appear.  So I don't dislike or dread the rain.

Jim and I have our 3 month check-ups with our primary care doctor this afternoon.  I don't dread going to him because he is so easy to talk to, and has our best interests at heart.

Jesse had a wonderful birthday.  Not only did we get to go eat pizza with him, but he got a new bike and a paint ball gun.  We gave him 'whatever you call it' to his play station and he seemed tickled about that too.

His sister devised a scavenger hunt for him, where he had to read the first note and then follow to the end.  The old shed is where he found it.  That was his great grandfather's meat/smoke house.  When he opened the door, he just stood and stared and then turned around's a bicycle!  He got his helmet later on and rode all over the yard!

The man that helped Murphy build the tree house, cut out some wooden figures for him to use his paint ball gun.

I can remember like it was yesterday when Murphy got his first bicycle.  We did exactly the same thing with him, having a scavenger hunt and he said he wanted his son to have the same tradition.  We are a family of traditions, can you tell?  lol

Enjoy your Friday and upcoming weekend.  We are to be in the 40's at night and I am loving it!


  1. Family traditions are the best! Our family has always had them and they make special days all that more special! Jesse's birthday sounded great! I love the scavenger hunt tradition! We are having a rainy day here too. It is suppose to bring in a cold front and the temps this weekend will be in the 50's! Good luck with your doctor appointments and have wonderful and peaceful weekend!

  2. Yes, but I hate to think what will be coming after the rains, the older I get the less I like snow. I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy for Tuesday Oct. 7th. Sounds like the people involved with the birthday had as much fun as the birthday boy. Have a great week-end coming up. Also thanks for your visits.

  3. Linda.....let us know how the dr's appointments go. Well, we will have fall weather on Sunday....only predicted temp of 75.....that's kind of mild for this time of year here.

  4. Jesse looks like a happy little man. The hunt sounds like a lot of fun. Glad he had a good time. I hope you get a good report from the Dr. It's good you have one that cares about you. With all the specialists these days, they can make you feel like you're just part of the "assembly line" of patients, and they don't have a good 'bed-side' manner.
    You have a good day. Enjoy that rain and cool temperatures.

  5. Those kind of family traditions are GREAT! I wish we had some. Our respective families are so dysfunctional, the only tradition is we have no traditions. *grin* Y'all are to be commended for raising such a wonderful family.
    It's rainy, cooler and the leaves are changing and it's all VERY welcome! Huge fan of Fall here.
    Hope everyone is enjoying a pain free, easy day. ~:)

  6. I love what they did for him to find his bike. What a wonderful memory for him! I hope you and your husband have a good weekend.

  7. Traditions are great - they help build memories! I love how they did the bike find!

  8. Awesome! Happy belated birthday to your grandson. Blessings

  9. Traditions are so important for families. I so enjoyed this post, Linda.