Tuesday, October 14, 2014


There are storms all around us and were predicted, but from what I can tell, we got just lots of rain.  I see leaves on the ground too, so the wind did 'it's thing' too.
Aryn's volleyball team travels to Macon County, TN, which is right on the Kentucky border, for Regionals, and if they win there, they will go to Sectionals.  We have been told that the teams we might play today are tough.  We will have to bring our "A" game to win.
Church was good again last night.  We had 3 Missionaries.  One from Peru.  He sang 'It Is Well With My Soul' in his native language, Portuguese, and also in English.  He has an incredible voice.

We also had one from Kenya, Africa---------
and another gentleman from the Philippines, different from Sunday night.  They all told of the type religions they were brought up in, and who introduced the Bible to them.  
The one from the Philippines asked our Pastor to speak at the first high school graduation this coming March.  He started a small school in a tent in his area, and it has grown over the years.  God has really worked and blessed there.

I wish you a good day.


  1. We are supposed to have some of that severe weather here today. The clouds have been really weird too.

  2. I'm delighted to hear about the missionaries. Hopefully your team will win and go on to sectionals. Either way, its sounds as though they've had a great year! I hope you don't get terrible storms! Stay safe and dry indoors, if possible!

  3. That's wonderful.... God is blessing people all over the world and His kingdom is growing daily. One thing that does concern me are the missionaries from Africa and this ebola virus.
    Good luck to Aryn and her team.
    I saw the weather channel this morning and the storms that went through your area last night. I'm glad the worst missed you. We're having a gloomy rainy day with the possibility of heavy rainfall later. Nothing serious tho'. It's a good day to be lazy.
    You have a good day.

  4. We just have to trust that our Lord and Savior is working for us in this scattered world, in which we live. His Grace and Mercy are all around us and I feel blessed each and every day (as I know you do!). Wishing Aryn and her team good luck and I hope they win and move on!! We are getting rain today (and tomorrow, they say). So far, it's not too bad out there. Stay safe!

  5. We are expecting your bad weather sometime..yep, even up north. ANYWAYS--Good luck to Aryn and her team..keeping you in prayer. Blessings

  6. We had so much rain today, along with a few thunder storms.
    Your mission reports from last night sound very interesting!

  7. Wishing Aryn and her team good luck in the regionals! I love 'It Is Well With My Soul'...I bet it was so beautiful! We have had rain all day too..the leaves are falling like crazy!