Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Some folks are not 'country' folks, but I am. Having lived on a 30 acre farm, rearing my children there, and enjoying the peace and quiet, there is nothing like it for me.

I love the old buildings and barns and the picture of this one caught my attention. I try to imagine what it was in its prime.  We had a huge barn right as you turn off the dirt road to our driveway.  It is still there but not used. We had cattle and horses and it was used. The current owner builds boats, so don't think he has done anything in it or with it.

Barns with this logo are all over the south and especially in our area since Rock City is here. It appears to have seen better days!  (Not our barn)

Good Tuesday morning.  Hope this day will be a good one for you.  Bill paying day so not really fun, but necessary.


  1. Country all the way!!!!
    Would love to hear more about your days on the farm, Linda.
    Today, we are taking a little leaf walk to collect leaves for an art project.
    And Steve is doing bills tonight. : )

  2. I love country. I like the picture of the old barn with the flowers and vines.
    I have to agree with Billie Jo... I'd love hearing stories too. You have a great day.

  3. Sigh..when we lived in Alabama it was the farm life/country life..however..we did not have cable or satelitte..no internet..it was hard..now, of course here in NY, we live in town..and enjoying the modern convieneces of cable tv and internet. IF the country could have that, I would be happy. (wink)--I have a SEE ROCK CITY birdhouse...love it! Blessings

  4. My dad was raised on a farm, and I have wonderful memories of visiting my grandparents there. My cousins were on a dairy farm, and I spent time in the summer at their farm. My very small home town is considered a farming community. It was a great way to be raised. I could go back to it in a minute, but not "up north" anymore. I am spoiled by the weather in Florida.

    If only old barns and houses could talk....

  5. I am totally country! I would have a really hard time living in the city.
    Love your pictures today!

  6. I live in the city but oh how I could LOVE to live in the country!! I think my desire to live in the country is the reason I love camping so much! Have a great week, Linda!

  7. I live in the city although I look forward to frequent long drives through the countryside. There is something so peaceful about being in the countryside. I hope you and your husband are both feeling well today.