Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I feel like I am a month behind on reading posts and commenting.  I have tried to keep up as best I could and if I didn't comment, I was still reading.

I am considerably better, but Jim is still weak and under the weather.  I assume the fact that he is 82, has many physical problems and is in constant pain, has a lot to do with his recovery from anything.  I prayed last night that the Lord would give me the strength I needed to take care of both of us.  He goes for routine visit to his heart doctor this afternoon.

Aryn and her Mother (my Leigh) leave for the volleyball state competition at Middle Tennessee State University this afternoon.  It will go through Friday or until they lose out, whichever comes first. They look tough here....but are truly some of the sweetest young ladies.  They love to have fun at whatever they are doing!
Fall is everywhere.  I stepped out the back door for something yesterday afternoon and the sky was so blue and the clouds were unusual.

I have been letting my hair grow for a while, just to see what it looks like. I normally have it cut as short as possible, without shaving it!  Bet you didnt know I had such curly hair!
I have gotten my winter clothes out of storage.  Now the big job.  Go through all of them, keep the ones I can still wear, and sort the others to go to the Goodwill. After mine, comes Jim's, and whew, what a task!  I feel like we are in a spiral going quickly into winter.

I get a monthly publication from 'In Touch Ministries' and there is always something in one that catches my attention right away.  I have already received the November issue and it hit the nail on the head for me.

'What will I do when the money is gone; when my career has ended; when memory begins to fail me; or when death leaves me alone in this world?'  As I read on, 'rather than set our sights on the horizon, maybe we should be thinking more about what stands in the here and now - the ordinary things happening all around us.'  'There is no mysterious song calling out from a long distance, no answers blocking the sun. There is only now, the present moment--the life we have been given--full of sorrows, joys, gains and losses.'  

I pray for the grace to embrace it all with thanks.


  1. So glad you are doing better! I'm a bit jealous of your curls. :)
    Have a good day!

  2. Linda!! I LOVE your curls!! Now we really could be sisters (as long as we are sitting down, anyway!)!!! I'm going for a trim today, but want it to grow out a bit more for winter. I always hate it too long, but a happy medium works for winter down here.

    Glad you are feeling better and hope Jim's appointment goes well!!

    I love that picture of Aryn and her team. They look like they mean business!! Wishing them good luck!! Thanks for keeping us posted!

  3. Linda....I like your curls. I don't remember it being curly....from years long ago!

    1. Sue, I remember growing up, I had my hair straightened...I was way before my time wasnt i? lol Since being grown I have worn it extremely short and just decided to see what it looked like, longer and grey!

  4. I love your curls!! I'm happy to hear you're feeling better. I hope your husband's appointment goes well today. Those clouds look incredible! I love the blue sky too :)

  5. I loveeeeeeee your hair!!!!! Nice to see your feeling better..keeping you and Jim in prayer. Blessings