Wednesday, October 1, 2014


'It's beginning to look a lot like fall, everywhere I go...' (singing of course)  We went up on the mountain yesterday to see Aryn's team play volleyball, (they won it all) and we kept noticing the trees and the leaves.  In another 2 weeks, everything will be red, orange and yellow and soooooo beautiful to me.  This is my all time favorite season and always has been, even as a child.  I love the cool, crisp mornings, and lovely cool evenings.  
And it is just right for snuggling!
I praise the Lord that we don't have any doctor appointments or games to go to today.  We have the whole day to do what we want or need to do. Whew, it is hard on an old body to be on the run from morning til night! But at the same time, I am thankful I am still able to do so.

This will seem like it is long, and for 'words' it is, but I intend to make some this fall and thought you might be interested also.  If not, just scroll through.


     1. Start by peeling, coring and slicing 5 1/2 pounds of apples. The best kind of apples for apple butter are Cortland, Jonamac, Spigold, Jonathan, Liberty, Sweet Sixteen, Golden Russet, Orin, Arkansas Black, and Grimes Golden. 
     2. Place all the apples into a large crock pot along with 2-4 cups of sugar (depending on your sweet tooth), 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon of cloves. I am too lazy to dice my apples really small so I cook it on high until the apples are cooked down (about 5-6 hours). Can you tell what decade I got married in by the style of my crock pot?
     3. After my apples are soft and cooked down I take my electric hand mixer and blend the apples and spices together (after about 5 hours on high in the crock pot) I periodically mix them up until it is all blended throughout the evening.
Note: If you would rather cook them down on the stove top and then transfer them to your crock pot you can do that as well. It will save hours in the crock pot I have done it both ways. 
     4. Then I turn it down to low and cook them overnight. This takes a LONG TIME to cook down, but it is worth it. Plus you do not have to babysit them you just let them cook down all night.
     5. In the morning it will have turned a beautiful brownish red color. I mix it again and then I take the top off the crock pot and let it thicken until it is my desired consistency (usually another 2-4 hours). Meanwhile, I wash 9 pint jars in my dishwasher. When they are still hot I take them out of the dishwasher. Then fill up the jar with the hot apple butter leaving about 1/4” of head space. Wipe the rim clean. Put a new lid on it and then put the ring on it. If you are a true canner stop reading here….
     Now flip the jars upside down. Let them cool. When they are completely cool flip them right side up and they will have sealed.
It makes about 9 pint jars. No special tools necessary. Just canning jars, apples and spices. Easy peasy!


  1. Your words reminded me of my 2 years spent in Chattanooga. I taught at Ooltewah Elem. and lived in Brainerd. The drive to school in the fall time was gorgeous. I also lived in Johnson City and enjoyed all of the autumn activities. My friends and I would drive up Roan Mountain to get apples from the orchards and then watch them make apple butter outside in the copper pots. Good times!

  2. Good morning, Linda! Isn't fall the most beautiful season! I love this time of year. When we drove through TN this weekend, we could see that the trees were starting to turn. Having mountains all around must love watching this season's colors! Have a great day and enjoy your doctor and game free day!

  3. Thank you for the recipe! It an ideal recipe to make on a cool autumn day. I'm glad to hear you have a day at home. We are also having a day at home which is lovely.
    Hugs to you!

  4. Glad you're having a calm day today. That apple butter recipe is a good one - right up my alley!

  5. Yummy! I love Apple Butter! The best is from the Apple Barn though, lol. Glad today is a better day. Blessings

  6. Joe loves apple butter! I like it, but he LOVES it. He even mixes it in cottage cheese!! Go figure! Your instructions do make it seem easy to make!