Monday, October 27, 2014


I just can't let go of all the beautiful fall pictures I find.  Love a fireplace. Growing up, we never had one, but since I have been married, we have had one at every house, including this one.  It just seems to warm you inside and out!

Thank you all, for the birthday wishes and it was a good day. the end of his message, he encouraged anyone who had someone there that lifted their spirits or helped you in any way, to go to that person and tell them. Well, being the 'tear shedding' person I am, I was over-whelmed at the young boy and young lady, among others, that said I had made a difference in their lives.  

My oldest daughter and family did come for a visit and brought a big ice cream cake from Dunkin' Donuts!  We had a piece of that and coffee. She also brought me a box of regular and a box of pumpkin K-cups from Dunkin' too!  My son came over to wish me a Happy Birthday and Jesse brought his home-made birthday card.  Jenn and her family had come on Saturday.  A wonderful weekend.

Am hoping to get my flu shot today, finish paying bills and of course the never-ending laundry.

A helpful hint for a wonderful smell throughout your house!


  1. Oh my, I can almost smell that orange and cinnamon!! Yum!! Glad you had such a good birthday weekend celebration, Linda!! I wish you a happy and healthy year ahead!! I am enjoying all the fall photos you found and are sharing! We don't get too colorful down here in Florida!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday......wishing you much happiness.....and many more!!

  3. You deserve every good wish and kind word, my friend...
    Have a cozy day!

  4. I'm glad to hear you had such a delightful birthday. What a blessing it must have been to be told you've made a good difference in those peoples lives. Hugs to you!

  5. I had a fireplace growing up, but none since. They really are nice.
    I'm so glad you were blessed yesterday. I'm not surprised that those people said you made a difference!
    Glad you had a nice birthday too!

  6. Happy Birthday my friend. Hope you're both feeling well and cheerful.
    The orange and cinnamon smell would be dandy right now. The warmth has returned to SE Georgia. Wish it would cool off and feel more like Fall again.
    Luv ~:)

  7. Nothing like sitting by a fire to relax you in the evening!