Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Today is it!  The last day of summer vacation for our school children.  Tomorrow is full speed ahead and all day. Murphy took his daughter, a friend, his son and his friend, swimming all day yesterday in a friend's pool.  He said he wanted them to have one last 'hurrah'.

I enjoyed being with Aryn as I took her to the dentist.  She is so grown up and at the same time, still a child.  She is my first grandchild and I can remember the day she was born. She is smart, talented, pretty and all around a 'sweetie pie'. She will be a junior in high school this year.  She still says she wants to pursue pharmacy in college.

As Aryn is nearing the end, my grandson Jesse, starts the 1st grade tomorrow.  He is also going to a new school, so he may have what folks call 'sticker shock' for a week or two. He is excited for now.  Stay tuned!

His sister Rayven, goes to 10th grade and is already in the school that Jesse will go to.  It is Chattanooga School for Arts and Sciences, and as the name implies, it is great for education as well as being around various nationalities, and extra-curricular activities. Rayven is very artistic and a good writer, and she says that is what she wants to do when out of college.  I told her books for children would be perfect for her.

Grayce, Aryn's sister, goes to the 7th grade. She is so pretty and smart.  She is the MOST organized child I have ever known, and we tease her but all wish we were more that way.

Caroline goes into the 3rd grade, and Elizabeth, her sister, goes to 1st grade.  They are both precious, pretty little girls and smart as a 'whip' (southern expression), and they will be in the same school together.

Me - just OK today.  Jim - still asleep.

When I saw the buggy of school supplies, and the enormous price we pay today and then saw what things cost in 1962, I long for the 'good old days'.



  1. Linda, your background just makes me happy!!!!
    Thinking of and praying for your grandchildren as they head back to school...

    They are blessed to have such a loving grandma. : )

    Have a blessed, cozy day!

  2. I can't believe your schools are starting already. Ours don't start till after Labor Day. Hope all goes well for the grandkids!
    I enjoyed that price list. My how things change!

  3. Keeping you and your family in prayer. I about choked when I saw how much Harvard (Havard) was back in 1962. I just paid (well..grants and a small loan to cover books) $7,695 for this semester. By the time it is all said in done, it will be near 30,000!!!! First time I personally ever had to go in debt. I paid and worked through college the first time around and it wasn't expensive back then. Blessings

  4. Isn't it awful... the price of everything today? But I remember back in 1962 we thought the prices were awful too.
    I hope your grandchildren have a great school year. They all grow up so fast. It's hard to believe our youngest is going into the 2nd grade.
    You have a great day.

  5. The loans themselves on my son's higher education was $150, 000. Whew! I can't imagine. I was hoping that he would do better than we did. They are struggling with making ends meet and he's a physicians assistant paying back a doctor's loan value.

  6. School has already started here. I heard the first bus go by Monday morning. It's nice having the 'little darlings' *cough* off the roadways in their 4 wheelers and back at the government indoctrination centers, eh, school. *ha ha* I seem to recall, for the most part, I always enjoyed school but we actually had learning then. It seemed so easy to me. 'Course, I enjoyed working too, with a few exceptions.

    You know why everything, including schooling, is so costly don't ya? Yep. Government. By the government loaning money, it keeps the cost of "education" artificially high. It's also the government's, especially the Federal Reserve's, fault that inflation is so rampant. But, I know I'm preaching to the choir on this one.

    Y'all are still in our prayers. Hope the good health and days continue. ~:)

  7. I guess the prices in 1962 fell in line with salaries back then. We probably still thought we paid too much for things! Inflation is relative, I guess.

    You have the most adorable grandchildren, and they are all smart and well-behaved. It's great that you got to spend some time with Aryn. I know she is headed to college with a good sports scholarship in a couple of years. Very talented - all of them in their own way. Brag away. I love hearing about their accomplishments.

    Hope Jim is still feeling well today. You too!! Hugs.