Thursday, August 14, 2014


Good Thursday morning.  No TBT for me today.
I accidentally found a web site about Israel, the Dead Sea, etc. It was amazing to me, as I don't think of what the terrain there looks like.  It was almost like taking a tour, so I am sharing some of the pictures I saved.......
 Garden of Gethsemane
 Tomb of King David
 Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mound
Western Wall or Wailing Wall

 Which city is New York and which is Jerusalem?
The beach at the Dead Sea
No, that isn't mud.....salt

 The full moon over Jerusalem
 Wall of some of those that loss their lives in the Holocaust

Is he smiling at me?
As you can imagine, I could post hundreds of pictures, but these are just a few. It was truly as if I was touring this blessed place.  Middle East folks, Middle East!



  1. We had friends who went you know, there are 2 sides to the wailing wall? Men and women are not suppose to mingle. I have throughly enjoyed your tour. Blessings

  2. I think the picture on top is Jerusalem today. Am I right? You found some great pictures. It's so amazing... so full of beauty, history, prophecy and future. I'd love to go there and walk the same paths Jesus walked. If my 'ship' comes in, I'll go there and take you with me. :)
    You have a great day.

    1. Yes Carol, the top is Jerusalem....similar cities arent they?

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  4. What a cool site! Love those pictures!

  5. Wonderful photos, Linda, and thank you for sharing the tour!! A group went from our church 5-6 years ago, and friends of ours went a couple of years ago. It has to be an amazing experience, in person, judging from the beauty in these photos. Thanks!!

  6. That was a great tour. I wish I could journey there. It's not safe, though.
    I used to listen to Zola Levitt, a Jew who converted to Christianity. He had a very informative show about the Old Testament. Anyway, he said that the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mound in it's current form is an abomination (according to Scriptures). That it will be torn down and rebuilt during the Tribulation. I need to look that up again. He was so intelligent concerning the Scriptures and history. ~:)

  7. I agree on the Dome of the Rock. I read that somewhere too. I would have loved to go there too. I stand with Israel!